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Here you will find a list of the lastest updates to the site - Updated
Various 39th Bomb Group and other announcements. These Pages are updated as information is submitted.
Here you will find pictures of the air fields of the Pacific in which air crew departed from.
List of Association Officers and membership information 
Here you will find biographies on
On the 39th Combat Crew Pages will see the squadrons of the 39th BG listed. Click on the squadron you wish to see. Then on the crew you wish to learn more about.
[60th] [61st] [62nd]
Points of Contact within the 39th Bomb Group Association
This section deplicts damage and strike photos. Some may or not be missions of the 39th BG, but they are submitted by our veterans from their personal collection.

This section is dedicated to those who were on the ground and served in many different capacities [60th] [61st] [62nd] bomb Squadrons of the 39th BG. Also listed on our site are personnel who served in the [314th BW] and the 4 Air Service Groups [31st] [69th] [89th] [90th] that were assigned to North Field, Guam as these organizations do have their own dedicated web site or Associations.

Thoughts and stories that may interest you from various veterans of the 39th Bomb Group (VH).

Section includes the beginnings of the 39th Bomb Group and the following pages 
  • Guam - Our arrival at Guam
  • Map of Guam - shows where the 314th & 315 BW were located
  • Map of North Field - showing our home
  • Iwo Jima - Unquestionably, this tiny obscure and God forsaken dot of volcanic residue became the most important life and plane saver for the 21st Bomber Command
  • Organizational History - Lists of the dates of activation of each squadron, Stations assigned as well as Commanders and decorations the earned as a group
  • Chronological History - from 8 January - 3 September 1945 includes the missions
  • Casualties List - List included those listed as KIA, Died of injuries, MIA, those seriously wounded or injured in action and total count of aircraft loss. - Updated
The lists the names of known 39th Bomb Group Member who have taken their "Final Flight" Updated
Links page to other sites of interest

This section covers various memorials that honor veterans of WWII and the B-29.

List of criteria for decorations, service awards and ribbon devices used throughout this site. Updated as needed.
B-29 Cutaway Images
Sampling of items from the 1941 Menu of Black Cat Cafe, Honolulu, Hawaii
39th BG Inventory of B-29s (PDF format)
Lists the missions of the 39th Bomb Group
Nose Art throughout the Marianas submitted by various individuals
Orders related to personnel assigned and attached to the 39th Bomb Group (VH). This section lists the description of the orders.
Miscellaneous photos of aircraft, Quonset huts, Guam 1945
This section describes in part what POWs endured; some information regarding the 3 members of the 39th BG (VH) who were Prisoners of War and survived. Also includes accounts from members of the 19th & 29th BGs; And about those who didn't.
This page is to help those interested in researching a family member's military service. 
TBD, tentatively July 2023
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