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Recently an email was received by the 39th Bomb Group Web Site and was forwarded to Vic and others regarding McCabe WW II History Project .. seeking "real life" stories of W.W. II. from those who lived during that time, soldiers, sailors, housewives, defense plant works, and other Americans who banned together in the world wide struggle for democracy... 

Here's Vic's thoughts ... 

I am going to take part in the McCabe Project. I urge all vets to participate. You don't have to be a polished writer to respond. Every man's experiences is valuable and should be included for future generations to read. The most valuable information we have from past wars come from individuals that wrote letters home or kept diaries. Vic D

Here's the email regarding the McCabe WW II History Project ... 

To all members of the 39th Bomb Group: 

I would be honored if anyone in your group would take part in the McCabe WWII History Project. The Project is about Americans who were raised during the Depression, then experienced the WWII years firsthand.

The result of our work–currently in the research stage–will be a popular history book which features the “real life” experiences of soldiers, sailors, pilots, housewives, defense plant workers, and other Americans who banded together in the worldwide struggle for democracy. 

The McCabe WWII History Project was initiated in September, 2000, and we have already received many interesting stories from people all across the country. Our research will continue for several months, and we would welcome and appreciate your participation. It won’t take too much of your time, or cost you anything, and each respondent whose name appears in the book will receive a complimentary copy upon publication. If you’d like to tell us your story, simply answer our questions by regular mail or email at your leisure. 

If you'd like to participate, please let me know, and I will send the first question. Thereare many good things that younger Americans can learn by listening to your voice. 



About us: Larry is a music teacher who has written many music instruction books, including The Patriotic Guitarist (Santorella Publications); Becky is a training department manager for the State of Florida. The history project is a result of our mutual interest in American history, the WWII era, big band music, etc. 

Larry and Becky McCabe
P. O. Box 4202 
Tallahassee, FL 32315-4202 
(850) 562-3290 
email to McCable WWII History Project

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