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08 January - 03 September 1945
08 January Departure of 39th Ground Echelon from SHAAF for Port Lawton, Washington.
11-15 January  Arrival of 39th Ground Echelon at Ft. Lawton
17 January Embarkation of 39th Ground Echelon on USAT Howell Lykes at Seattle Port of Embarkation.
18 January Departure of USAT Howell Lykes from POE.
25 January Arrival of USAT Howell Lykes at Pearl Harbor
29 January Departure from Pearl Harbor
6 February Arrival at Enniwetok
15 February Departure from Enniwetok
18 February  Arrival at North Field, Guam, Ground Echelon goes into bivouac.
22 February Assumption of Command of 39th Group by Colonel John G. Fowler
11 March Departure first unit Air & Flight Echelon from SHAAF for overseas destination
17 March Assumption of command by Colonel George W. Mundy
20 March  Assignment of 15 additional B-29s to Group
24 March  Arrival first unit Air & Flight Echelon at North Field, Guam
28 March Departure last unit Air & Flight Echelon from SHAAF
*By the end of March, 15 of the Group's aircraft had arrived at Guam
01 April  Group reorganized per General Order 42, XXI B.C.
08 April First training mission flown
12 April  1st
22 B-29s airborne; 20 bombed chemical plant at Koriyama.
All aircraft returned o.k. (Day)
14 April 2nd
Fertilizer Plant-Tokyo (Day)
16 April 3rd
South Tokyo urban area (Night)
* 1st crew missing in action.
17 April  4th
Kanoya Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
18 April 5th
Kanoya Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
21 April 6th
Kanoya Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
22 April 7th
Kushira Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
24 April 8th
Hitachi A/C Plant - Tokyo (Day)
26 April 9th
Kokubu Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
27 April 10th
Kushira Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
*Last crew of original Group arrives at North Field
28 April 11th Mission
Kushira Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
29 April  12th Mission Kushira Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
30 April 13th Mission Kushira Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
04 May  14th Mission 
Oita Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
05 May 15th Mission  Saeki Airfield - Kyushu (Day)
10 May 16th Mission Otake Oil Refinery -  Honshu (Day)
(Distinguished Unit Citation)
11 May 17th Mission Kawanishi A/C Plant - Kobe (Day)
14 May 18th Mission  North Nagoya Urban Area (Day)
16 May 19th Mission  South Nagoya Urban Area (Night)
19 May 20th Mission Tachikawa Arsenal - Hamamatsu (Day)
23 May 21st
Tokyo South Urban Area (Night)
(Distinguished Unit Citation #2)
25 May 22nd Mission Tokyo South Central Area (Night)
(part of DUC #2 Award)
29 May 23rd
Yokohama Urban Industrial Area (Day)
(part of DUC #2 Award)
01 June  24th Mission Osaka Urban Area. (Day)
05 June  25th Mission Kobe Urban Area (Day)
07 June 26th Mission  Osaka Urban Area (Day)
09 June 27th Mission Hitachi A/C Plant - Chiba (Day)
14 June 28th Mission Osaka Urban Area (Day)
17 June 29th mission Kagoshima Urban Area (Night)
19 June 30th Mission Shizuoka Urban Area (Night)
21 June  31st
Mitsubishi A/C Plant -Tamashima (Day)
26 June 32nd
Nagoya - Grp Mission # 32
Nagoya Arsenal (Day)
28 June  33rd
Nobeoka Urban Area (Night)
01 July 34th
Shimonoseki Urban Area (Night)
03 July 35th Mission Tokoushima Urban Area (Night)
*Col. Mundy returns to Group and assumes command
06 July 36th Mission Kofu Urban Area (Night)
09 July  37th Mission Gifu Urban Area  (Night)
12 July 38th Mission Uwajima Urban Area (Night)
16 July 39th Mission  Hiratsuka Urban Area (Night)
19 July 40th mission  Okazaki Urban Area (Night)
24 July 41st
Nakajima Aircraft Plant - Handa (Day)
26 July  42nd Mission Omuta Urban Area  (Night)
28 July 43rd
Ogaki Urban Area (Night)
01 August 44th Mission Mito Urban Area (Night)
05 August  45th Mission Kobe-Osaka Area (Night)
07 August  46th Mission Toyokawa Naval Arsenal - Nagoya (Day)
10 August  47th Mission Tokyo Arsenal Complex (Day)
Kawaguchi Urban Area
14 August 48th Mission lsesaki Urban Area (Night)
16 August  Col. James E. Roberts becomes Group Commander
30 August Prisoner of War Mission
31 August  Prisoner of War Mission
02 September Display of Force Tokyo - VJ DAY
 Source:  "History of the 39th Bomb Group" by Robert Laird (crew 5) and David Smith (crew 31)
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