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2010 Reunion
New Orleans, LA

2010 Attending Veterans

Front Left: Edward Kosmowski, Asst CC, P-08; Ted Kalenterides, FE, P-49; Robert Weiler, LG P-30 (& Assoc President); David Hirsch, TG, P-55 (& LG, P-50); Joe Jacaruso, TG, P-47

Back Row: Jack Keene, AC, P-02; Clyde Moore, RG, P-56; Ben Kaplain, TG, P-56; David Fisher, Radio Op, P-55; Norman Brug, Mech, Repl P-31; Bernard Greene, Bombardier, Repl P-31; Marvin Demanzuk, Radar, P-02 (& Assoc Chaplain)

Schedule of Events 2010

Wednesday June 16

Thursday June 17

Friday June 18

Saturday June 19

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