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After an on again off again search I have found Frank W. Novak a dear friend and right gunner on crew 25. Their aircraft was the 1,000th B-29 and was built by Boeing in Wicita, Kansas. The plane received a great deal of press notice in the States and Later on arrival at North Field Guam.

Frank retired from the FAA and now lives in Las Vegas. He is ill and I am sure would like to hear from some of his flying buddies that were in the 39th.

Any information that anyone has on crew 25 would be appreciated. The only thing knowm of the crew is that Ed Cockrane died in California. The Crew was Stephen Franko AC, Earl R. Davis pilot, Edwin F. Cockrane Jr. , Nav, Donald M. Wakefore, Bomb, Ernest R. Severson. Radar, Donald M. Evans, FE, David C. Brown, Radio, James K Eskew, CFC, Frank. W. Novak, RG, Robert R. Spanner LG, Joseph W. Fair TG.

Dr. Vic Durrance, 39th Historian.

Updated: Frank Novak passed away 01 September 2001 at the age of 78 for more information click here

Anyone with more information about this crew please email; to email Dr. Durrance click on his name.

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