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The financial stability of the 39th Bomb Group Association relies entirely on the payment of membership dues and donations. As our numbers diminish, the need for your support grows greater. There are many reasons why you might want to consider a donation to the 39th Bomb Group Association:

  • Perhaps you would like to make a donation "In Memory of a particular 39th veteran."

  • Perhaps our web pages or our group historian provided you information you never knew about a loved one

  • Maybe it's a way of saying thanks to a great organization,

  • Maybe a way of saying thanks to the 39th BG (VH) for the life skills learned so long ago,

  • There may be another reason why you might feel it appropriate.
If you'd like to benefit our organization and its activities, including research and preservation of what happened during those days of 1944-45, you may send your contribution, contact information and Veteran's name (if "In Memory Of..." a 39th Bomb Group (VH) veteran) to our Treasurer:

Liz Van Kampen
5418 Honeysuckle Lane
Oregon, WI. 53711
(608) 835-0923
Email to:

We would like to thank the following individuals who have graciously made donations to the 39th Bomb Group Association:

Allen & Lynn Masterson

In Memory of Sgt David L. Hirsch, Left Gunner, Crew 50 and Tail Gunner, Crew 55, 62nd BS

Kerry Geopfert

In Memory of her father Sgt Edward Kosmowski, Asst. Crew Chief, Crew 8, 60th BS

Blake Flint

In Memory of his cousin Sgt Rpbert E. Weiler, Left Gunner, Crew 30, 61st BS

Rudolph Family

Van Kampen Family

Standing L to R:
2nd Lt James M. Frodsham Pilot
1st Lt John E. Blake Bombardier
1st Lt William D. Orr Airplane Commander
1st Lt William A. Costa Navigator
1st Lt Arthur D. Swanberg Radar Observer
Kneeling L to R:
S/Sgt James W. Wyckoff Right Gunner
S/Sgt James E. Schwoegler Radio Operator
T/Sgt Edward Kanick Flight Engineer
(MIA 1 June 1945)
Sgt Robert E. Weiler Left Gunner
S/Sgt Pasquale Mastromotteo Tail Gunner
T/Sgt Ralph Gervais CFC Gunner

In Memory of men of Crew 30, 61st BS

Aanonymous Donation

In Memory of Sgt Norman Brug, Mechanic, Crew 31, 61st BS
DLB Friends

John & Geneve Dooley

James & Glenda Fiala

Gulf to Bay Properties

Cecil & Kay Jackson

Ronald Lata

Robert & Nancy Miles

Debra Nicholson

Chiris & Kay Rembold

John & Pauline Smart

Lee & Beatrice Wasseelmann

In Memory of Captain Marvin Demanzuk, Radar Observer, Crew 02, 60th BS

Michael Dickey

 In Memory of his Grandfather, Sgt Howard V. Dickey, Camera Tech, 61st BS

Shannon Kellogg

 In Memory of her Grandfather, 1st Lt Gordon D. Walker, Bombardier, Crew 14 , 60th BS

Jean Smith

 In Memory of her Husband, 1st Lt Ernest D. Smith, Radar Observer, Crew 21, 61st BS

Miles Stephens

In Memory of his Father, S/Sgt Paul L. Stephens, CFC Maint. Mechanic, Crew 44, 62nd BS

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