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2010 Reunion
New Orleans, LA

Oak Alley Plantation

The photos in this section are courtesy of Kelly Breindel, Marvin Demanzuk
and Liz Van Kampen

Pat Brug, Deb Polenska, Deb's daughter in-law Amber and her father in-law Bob Polenska

Bernie Greene with Norm Brug

Marvin Demanzuk in background, Louise Weiler and her son, Peter (seated)

Mark Brug and his sister, Anne Breindel
Son & Daughter of Norm Brug

Oak Alley Plantation arranged for golf carts to take our vets and family up to the "Big House" given its distance from the entrance.

Andy Kamoske, Bob & Louise Weiler, Joel Markowitz and others in our group

Jack Keene, AC, P-2 w/ his grandsons Grant and Barry Keene (right)


If anyone has photos from the 2010 Reunion they would like share email
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