39th Bomb Group (VH)

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While other crews choose to sometimes hold a crew reunion in lieu of attending the annual Group reunion, each year Crew 30 and their families takes advantage of the Group Reunion and has their Crew Reunion within the group setting.

Crew 30 and Spouses
2005 Banquet

Back Row: Art Swanberg, James Schwoegler, Bob Weiler and Jim Wyckoff
Middle Row: Alice Swanberg and Louise Weiler
Front Row: Lida and Bill Costa and Betty Wyckoff

The Schwoegler Family

Back Row: Far Right - James Schwoegler (Radio Op)
Far Left: His daughter Mary Rudolph, her 2 sons Jim and Scott.

Front Row: His grandson Jeff Van Kampen and his daughter Liz.

The Swanberg Family

Adrienne (daughter in-law), Geoffery (son), Alice (wife) and Arthur (Radar, P-30)

Pete Weiler (son of P-30's LG), his son River and wife Cammie

One night during each annual reunion the memebrs of Crew 30 and their families get together for a Crew 30 Family Dinner. In 2005 the crew and their family were treated to an italian dinner ordered in by the Schwoegler daughters, Mary and Liz.
Click on the images below to enlarge. Photos by Liz Van Kampen

Art and Alice Swanberg, Lida Costa
William Costa, Alice Swanberg, Lida Costa, Betty Wyckoff and Jim Schwoegler

Jim Schwoegler, Scott and Jim Rudolph and William Costa
Mary Rudolph, Jim Wyckoff, Bob Weiler and James Schwoegler

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Photo Source: cammie weiler, liz van kampen