39th Bomb Group (VH)
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Ground Crew for
"City of Roswell"

 B-29 # 44-65364

Courtesy of Richard Kelso, son in-law of Lt Col. James H. Thompson
L to R: Standing:
# 3 M/Sgt Connie E Davis, Crew Chief
L to R: Kneeling:
# 3 Sgt Gilbert Beegle, Mechanic

The photo above was among many others donated to the 39th Bomb Group from the collection of Brigadier General James H. Thompson (then Lt Colonel, Operations). On the back of this photo "30" was noted. In other photos that have a number listed it has matched the crew number pictured.

In this case we know that M/Sgt Connie Davis was crew chief for P-30's "City of Roswell", however we have no other names of the ground crew.

If you can help ID the other men, please email:

Sgt Boyd Owen and S/Sgt Russell P. Lorway
working on a Japanese chassis

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Photo Source:39th Bomb Group Assn scrapbook; Richard Kelso