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60th BS Armament Section - Smoky Hill Army Air Field

Kneeling L to R:
Scalfani; Sgt George Wesloski, unidentified; Cpl George H. Browskowski; and Pvt Amon T.J. Decker
Standing L to R:
Pfc Everette J. Burke; Finch; Pfc Edmond T. Hartnett; Sgt James A. Wright, M/Sgt William Johnson, Crew Chief; unidentified; and Cpl Joseph A. Pollard

The Armament Section was reponsible for the proper function of all guns, bomb racks and associated equipment on the B-29s. They would locate malfunctions of the armament and make the necessary corrections and repairs. The Armorers were also assigned the job of loading the type of bombs required for a particular type of mission.

"Incediary bombs were hand loaded - each bomb bay carrying a total of 98 bombs"

George Wesloski

Armament Section - Guam

Kneeling First Row L to R:
Sgt Jack K. Stewart, Cpl Nicholas Miccucci, Pfc Jesse Accunzo,
Cpl Rudy G. Palen, Sgt Louis "Luigi" Gordon, Cpl Sheldon Schoen, CFC Maint; Pfc Thomas W. Flannigan and S/Sgt Kenneth O. Carroll, CFC Maint, Chief

Kneeling Middle Row L to R:
Sgt Joseph J. Vinchur, Cpl George H. "Bro" Browskowski, Don Hill,
S/Sgt Fayette C. Congdon, Sgt John Guidice, Sgt Dewey W. Walker,
Pfc Joseph Gardiner, Pfc Edward F. Welch and
M/Sgt William M. "Sarge" Johnson, Armament Section Chief.
Standing Back Row L to R:
1st Lt Douglas "Uncle Bulgy" Goodwin, "Pappy" Jordan, Sgt George Wesloski, Cpl Harold Hoffman, Sgt Francis "Superman" Palkobic,
Sgt James P. "Feather" Ferlic, Cpl George Feltner, Jr., Cpl Edwood Smith,
Cpl Raymond "Sappo" Shapiro, CFC Maint; Francis "Jeronimo" Farady,
Cpl Joseph A. Pollard, and Sgt Donald C. Hutchinson.

Honor Roll
1st Lt Eugene Wermer
60th Sqd Armorer
21 January 1990
Pfc Thomas W. Flannigan
60th Sqd Armorer
25 August 1999
Sgt Joseph J. Vinchur
60th Sqd Armorer
11 February 2000
Pfc Jesse J. Accunzo
60th Sqd Armorer
05 April 2014

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