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The following list of 39th Bomb Group Veterans are from the 62nd Squadron. The Rank and Names and are taken from various Movement and/or Decoration/Service Award Orders and rosters. In some cases the MOS was listed; The names that were listed on the original orders were matched against the aerial combat crew rosters appearing on this web site. The end result is what is believed to be 62nd Squadron Ground Echelon, with the exception of those aerial crew rosters that are incomplete. With that in mind, if you find the name of a 39th Veteran listed here that was an aerial combat crew member or was assigned to the 60th or 61st Squadron, or if you can help fill in their Duty/MOS to make this list complete, please email updates@39th.org, so that corrections came be made. Also, if you have any orders that pertain to the 39th BG and you are willing share these please contact webmaster@39th.org to see if those orders are needed. New additions to list will appear in "red" between updates.

Any of the veterans' names that are displayed as links have a profile or dedication page assocated with it. If your name or your family's veteran is listed and here and there is not a profile or dedication page associated, please contact us - so we can work with you getting the information added. Please email updates@39th.org


Revised: 27 October, 2013

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M/Sgt Loren E. Abell - Crew Chief - P-54
Sgt Gerhart Aebi
Frank D. Alberti
Sgt Henry K. Aleszczyk
M/Sgt O. J. Allen - Crew Chief
Sgt Thomas J. Allen
S/Sgt Karl W. Anderson
Sgt Edward Andrews
Sgt Gian Antonio
Capt Paul Arbon - Sqd Navigator
William J. Armstrong Jr.
Pfc Edwin A. Arnet
S/Sgt Willard J. Arnold Jr.
1st Lt George E. Arthur - Transport O (P-49, B)

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Capt. Edward S. Babbitt - Intelligence Staff
Capt. Roger P. Baird, Jr.
Pfc Gale C. Baker
Quinton H. Baker
Lloyd E. Bane
Cpl Alvin D. Barger
Cpl Allen J. Barnes - Cryptographic Technician
Sgt William F. Baxley
S/Sgt Oden M. Becky - Mech: Radio
Pfc Ralph B. Bedrock
S/Sgt Russell H. Behn - Airplane Elec Mech Spec
Sgt Amos D. Belcher
Norman W. Berger
Sgt Aaron Berkson - Clerk Typist
Cpl Robert M Bettinson
Cpl Leslie L. Bickford - Special Equip Operator
Cpl Monore Bicknell Jr. - CFC Maint Mechanic
Sgt Peter A. Biggianni - Airplane Elec Mech Spec
Sgt Robert MJ. Blake
M/Sgt Ned A. Blann
S/Sgt Arnold M. Bleiman - Mechanic - CFC Maint
Cpl Girard D. Bond Jr.
T/Sgt Alfred G. Booker - Crew Chief
Guido J. Boretti Jr.
Sgt Thomas A. Boyd
S/Sgt Virgil L. Boyd Crew Chief P-43
S/Sgt John H. Boyer
Sgt John W. Brabham
S/Sgt Norbert R. Breitkreutz - Mech: Engine
Pfc Steven W. Brennen
S/Sgt Leonard S. Brimberry Mech: CFC Maint
Sgt Roy W. Broome - Mech: Airplane and Engine
Newell A. Brown
Pfc William J. Brown
Sgt Wilmer D. Brown
Cpl Edward J. Bruske
S/Sgt Stanley J. Budd - Crew Chief
Pfc Elza Bugg
M/Sgt Weston G. Bullard - Crew Chief
S/Sgt Ralph N. Burhardt
Sgt Calvin J. Buterbaugh

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S/Sgt Thomas F. Cahill - Mech: CFC Maint
Pfc Carl C. Cameron
Pfc Gerald D. Campbell
Sgt James W. Campbell - Intell NCO
Sgt Overton H. Campbell
1st Lt Dwight J. Canfield - Sq Bombardier - 11/30/44
Pfc Joseph B. Carter
Pfc Charac W. Chase
Sgt Carl R. Catanese P-54 Mech
S/Sgt Carmen A. Catanese P-49 Mech: Airplane Pwr Plnt
Cpl Gerald V. Cerzosimo
M/Sgt Joseph A. Charbonneau - Crew Chief, P-55
Orvel J. Chase
Sgt Carl Christensen Jr.
1st Lt Howard B. Christmas - Communications O
Sgt Joseph C. Cindel
T/Sgt Wilber C. Clair - Admin NCO
Pfc Hazel H. Coffey
Capt Thomas E. Collins - Arcft Engineering Offcr
Sgt Fred Colombano
S/Sgt Ralph Cooksey
S/Sgt Laurel V. Cope
Sgt Carl O. Cowan
M/Sgt Johnnie B. Cowart - Communications Chief
1st Lt Woodford O. Craig - Mess Offcr
Lloyd W. Crandall
M/Sgt Alvah E. Creech - 750 - TDY 39th BG
Walter T. Crosby
Cpl Ignatius G. Cuker
Frank A. Curtis
Paul Cwik , Mech, P-57 (per D. Lewis Photo)
Cpl Joseph P. Cypher - Mech: P-47

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S/Sgt Clifford R. Davidson - Crew Chief
Cpl Vernie A. Davidson - Airplane Elec Mech Spec
Sgt Harry D. Davis
Pfc Sam P. Davis
Pfc Ernest De Angelis
Sgt Robert J. De Gasso - Airplane & Engines Mech
Pfc William R. Deakin Jr.
S/Sgt Howard M. Dial
Pfc Albert D. Dickerson
Sgt Thomas E. Dodgen
1st Lt Jerome M. Donzis - Personnel Equip O
Sgt John F. Dooley
Cpl Marvin W. Dreeszen
Pfc Louis W. Duarte
S/Sgt Joseph W. Duck - Mech: Gunner, FE
Capt Alva H. Dukes - Sq Armarment O 11/30/44
Sgt Louie W. Duncan - Hawthorne, CA in 1945*
*(Sgt Duncan Mess Section in Group's chronicles no first name listed)
T/Sgt John Dwyer - Communications Chief

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Charles J. Egger
Sgt Murray Eidelberg
M/Sgt Clifford P. Elsasser - Crew Chief
Sgt Oliver E. Erickson
Sgt Harry M. Evans

F [jump menu]
Sgt Robert W. Fassler - Clerk
Cpl Austin E. Faulkner
Pfc Lee J. Faulkner
2nd Lt John R. Fedell - Electronics O
(Supply O-10 Nov 1945)
Norman Fink - Mechanic, P-55
S/Sgt Myer Finkelstein
Cpl Cecil R. Fitzsimmons
S/Sgt Robert H. Fletcher
Cpl Sidney F. Foster - Truck Driver, Light
Cpl Aaron W. Fountain
Bertram E. Fowler
S/Sgt Charles W. Fox - Mech: Gunner - FE
Michael A. Franco - MOS 405: Clerk-Typist
Pfc Robert F. Fry - Cook
Sgt Anthony E. Furnari

G [jump menu]
Sgt Mark Gale
Pfc Jack Gamble
Norberte E. Garcia
Pfc Macario Gates
Glenn C. Gatewood
Sgt Nicholas J. Gianatasio
Pfc Benjamin S. Giglio
S/Sgt Daniel L. Giomi
Pfc Edward F. Gobble
Pfc Sidney J. Gopin - Mech, P-57
Roy F. Gordon
Sgt William B. Gorman
Frank N. Goumas
Sgt Carl E. Gragg
Cpl James D. Gregory - Photo Lab
Cpl Raymond V. Griffin
Cpl Wayne F. Grubb - Mech: Radio
Sgt Allen D. Guthrie Mech: Airplane & Engines, P-41

H [jump menu]
Raymond L. Haase
Cpl Luther H. Hamlin
Pvt Joe J. Hardiman
Cpl Lewis G. Harper, Jr. - Munitions Worker
S/Sgt Gordon E. Harr - Crew Chief, P-46
Pfc Edward S. Harriman
1st Lt William K. Harris
Capt Harold K. Harvey
Sgt Raymond O. Hasz
Capt Edward M. Hayes - Arcrft Engineering Offcr
Pfc Frank R. Heberling
Sgt William C. Hebler Mech: Propeller
Sgt Paul E. Heffner - Mechanic, P-41
M/Sgt William R. (Hehe) Hayms - Crew Chief P-44
Pfc John C. Heidemann - Airplane Elec Spec Mech
Jack L. Heidenheimer
Sgt Morris E. Henderson
Sgt Irvin J. Heng, Mechanic: Bombsight
Sgt Carl Henton Jr., Mechanic: Radar
Cpl Jerome A. Hock
Pfc Lawrence R. Horn
Sgt Murray Horowitz
SGt Herbert L. Hoskins
Marshall R. Houmann
Sgt Alfred G. Howard
1st Lt Bernard A. Howard - Electronics O
Cpl Charles E. Hudson
William Hutchinson

J [jump menu]
Pfc Roger W. Jacobs
Cpl Hubert James
Cpl Hobart Jennings
S/Sgt Arthur O. Johnson - Mechanic P-47
Sgt Arthur Johnson
S/Sgt Glendon R. Johnson
S/Sgt Walter "Pappy" T. Jordan - Crew Chief, P-45
Sgt West C. Jordan
Cpl Hyman M. Jultak

K [jump menu]
Cpl Herbert Kalter - Camera Tech
Pfc Charles Kapalin
Pfc Nathan Kapner
Allen G. Kartes
S/Sgt Raymond J. Katsma - Crew Chief
Pfc Freddie M. Katz
Cpl Earl W. Kaufman - Airplane Pwr Plt Mech
Sgt Peter Kedulich
S/Sgt Newell J. Keegan - Mech: Radar
Sgt James E. Keelor
Russell L. Keith
Sgt Arthur Kekalos
Sgt Elmer E. Kelly
Sgt Wesley H. Kemis
1st Lt Mathew D. Kennedy - Sq Ordnance O 11/30/44
Sgt Orville E. Kennedy
M/Sgt Harold Kile - Line Chief
Cpl Rudy C. Kimball
S/Sgt Andrew R. Kirk - Crew Chief P-56
T/Sgt Theodore F. Kirn, Jr.
Sgt Joseph W. Klahs
Sgt Howard L. Klaus
Sgt Edward L. Knighton
Pfc Carroll L. Kostrzewski
Pfc George N. Kotsonaros - Mech: Radio - attchd
S/Sgt Carl L. Kowalski
Cpl Henry J. Kreuger Jr.
1st Lt Edward Kudella - Intelligence Officer

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Charles F. Landers
S/Sgt Edward L. Landshof - Admin NCO
Cpl Marcus C. Lane - Tel Switchboard Op
T/Sgt Clement G. Lapworth
Capt Charles H. Latimer - Intelligence Officer
Pvt Robert Lawhorn, Jr.- formerly S/Sgt TG P-55
Pfc Fred R. Lawrence
Sgt Walter H. Lawson - Airplane Pwr Plnt Mech
Capt Clark M. Lee - Armament Officer
Sgt Wah Lee - Mech: Electrical
S/Sgt John S. Lehigh
1st Lt Herbert C. Leland - Radar Ob ECM
Sgt Joseph Lempert
Sgt Donald R. Lewis - Crew Chief, P-57
2nd George W. Lewis - Supply Officer
Pfc Ernest H. Linscott
Sgt Alfred Lipinski - Mech, P-57
Sgt James M. Little - Camera Technician
S/Sgt William I. Locarnini
Sgt Joseph G. Lollo - Mech: Bombsight
Cpl Donald E. Lowery
Sgt John B. Lowery
Sgt Andrew B. Loyas
Cpl Howard S. Lucas

M [jump menu]
S/Sgt James J. Mallon
Sgt Robert Maloney
Cpl Marion
Pfc John E. Mashall
Pfc Maurice R. Martel - Mechanic, P-55
Cpl Gustaf G. Martinook - Mech: Acft Pwr Plnt
S/Sgt Frank P. Massaro - Mech Airplane Pwr Plant, P-57
Ralph R. Mattson - Mechanic, P-41
Sgt Francis J. Matus
Cpl Charles V. Maupin
Pfc Edward B. McAdam - Mech: Airplane/Engines
M/Sgt Park F. McAllen - Crew Chief, P-41
Sgt John J. McCole
S/Sgt William C. McGarry - Mech: Electrical
T/Sgt Robert E. McLaren - Crew Chief, P-48
Pfc William P. McTamney
Harry K. Meredith
Pfc William H. Meredith Jr.
S/Sgt Thomas L. Merrell
Cpl Francis E. Mesevage - Mech: Elec P-47
Sgt Jean M. Messier
Walter H. Meyer
Cpl Arthur W. Miller
M/Sgt George H. Miller - Crew Chief
S/Sgt Russell J. Miller - Mech: Airplane/Engines
Sgt Kenneth R. Mills
Pfc Vincent J. Mirigliano
Sgt Jack W. Mitchell
M/Sgt Claude A. Moak - 1st Sgt
Pfc Kenneth W. Moll
Joseph W. Molner - Munitions Wrkr
Pfc John Moore - Mech: Radio - attached
Cpl Clarence H. Morgan
Leonard E. Morisch
Pfc Clement A. Morse
Pfc Joseph Mosca - Mech P-56
Pfc Zakar Mouredian - Intell
T/Sgt Lester H. Mueller - Crew Chief, P-50R
Cpl Alan H. Munster
Cpl Herbert O. Murphy Jr.
Sgt John R. Murray - Mech: Radio

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Cpl Thomas P. Nantais - Clerk Typist
Pfc Jesse F. Nash
Sgt Joseph J. Naut
Pfc Salvatore L. Navilio
Sgt Samuel Needle
Sgt Robert J. Neil
Sgt Meredith E. Nelms - Mechanic, P-55
Capt William Newburger - 62nd CO - 10 Nov 45
T/Sgt Charles W. Norris
Pfc Edwin A. Nuelle - Munitions Worker

O [jump menu]
Sgt Richard L. Ockley
Pfc Clyde E. O'Connell
Pvt Walter T. O'Donnell
T/Sgt Daniel J. O'Halloran
Pfc Dewey Oliver
Pvt Daniel Olken
Sgt Donald W. Osborn
William H. Otto

P [jump menu]
Sgt Joe S. Pacheo - Mech: Airplane/Engines
Cpl Wilbert L. Parry - Special Vehicle Operator
Cpl Donald Palmer
S/Sgt Phillip M. Pastorfield Mech: Airplane Pwr Plant
Joseph Pavlik Jr.
Pfc Rexford Payton
Sgt Joseph D. Pendergraft - Airplane Elec Mech Spec
Sgt James H. Percell
Roy H. Peters
Warren E. Pharo
Cpl Charles R. Philip
Pfc Henry P. Plumer
Pfc John B. Powers
Sgt John W. P'Pool
Sgt Umbert J. Primo
S/Sgt Joseph P. Pullo

Q [jump menu]
Sgt James J. Quesinberry
Pvt Francis G. Quinn - Special Vehicle Op
Sgt Albert F. Quinte

R [jump menu]
Daniel J. Ramirez
Cpl Arthur Randert - Mechanic P-47
Cpl William T. Rankin, P-43
Sgt Arthur Randlett
Boyd T. Rawlings
Sgt Ralph A. Rende
1st Lt Andrew J. Reynolds - Sq Supply O - 11/30/44
S/Sgt Blanton B. Rice - Mech: Airplane & Engine P-43
Capt Walter A. Rider - Communications O
Sgt Joseph R. Ripberger
S/Sgt Francis L. Rivette - Airplane Amorer
Sgt John B. Roadman
Pvt Hovis Roberson Jr. - Munitions Wrkr
S/Sgt John A. Roberta
G. Roberts - Photo Lab
Sgt John L. Roberts
James V. Robideau
Sgt Harold P. Robinson
Sgt Marvin J. Rodich - Crew Chief P-59
Pfc Cosme Rodriguez
Pfc Gonzalo L. Rodriguez - Munitions Worker
Pfc Paul Roeb - Mech: Radio - attached
Cpl Alexander A. Rogala
Sgt Ralph V. Rollo
Capt John R. Ross - Flight Surgeon
2nd Lt John H. Roth - Armament O (Mess O - 10 Nov 45)
S/Sgt Joseph E. Rouse
Pvt James Rouse
S/Sgt Francis L. Rowden - Mess Sgt
S/Sgt Byron R. Russell
S/Sgt Orlie E. Russell - Engine Mechanic P-44
Calvin E. Ruttencutter

S [jump menu]
S/Sgt Joseph J. Sampson - MOS 160
Cpl Russell R. Sams - Airplane Pwr Plant Mech
Bacillio B. Santellana
Donald L. Sauve
M/Sgt Fletcher T. Scaife Jr.
Cpl Frank A. Scarcella - Mech: Airplane & Engine
Pfc Marshall G. Schlecta - Mess (cook)
Sgt Elwood Schlesinger
S/Sgt Robert J. Schoeck – Radar Mech, RCM
Cpl George R. Schonmeyer - Clerk, General
Sgt Clel E. Schwab
Pfc Charles A. Schwindling
Capt Robert C. Seils - Sq Executive Officer - 11/30/44
2nd Lt James C. Sertain, Jr.
Cpl Ralph G. Servidio - Mechanic P-47
Sgt Fulvio J. Severi
Pfc Joseph Sgro
Cpl Albert R. Shaffer - Mech: Airplane and Engine
1st Lt Donald C. Shaffer - Gunnery Instructor
Cpl Floyd P. Shaffer
S/Sgt Frederick I. Shaffer Jr. - CFC Maint Mechanic
T/Sgt Charles Shambach - Crew Chief P-47
S/Sgt Jeff W. Shamburger - Mech: Radio MOS 754
Sgt William E. Shea
Sgt Leonard Sherin Mechanic: Radar
S/Sgt James G. Sherman - CFC Maint
Sgt Clarence R. Shingleton
Pfc Leonard Shulskie
Sgt Joe Sierra - Radio Op/Mech
Pfc John D. Simpson
Pfc Odell Sims
George Single
T/Sgt Charles G. Singleton - Airplane Armorer
Matti W. Sivula - Airplane Armorer
Sgt John W. Sleitweiler
Robert W. Slimmer
M/Sgt Stanley C. Slivinski - Airplane Armorer
Clarence W. Smagala
Pfc John M. Smith - Special Vehicle Operator (MOS 932)
T/SGt Boyd O. Snead
Benjamin C. Snedecor
1st Lt Edward P Synder - Asst Armament Officer
Sgt Irving Snyderman
S/Sgt Frank W. Spahr
Pfc Frank S. Spinosa - Mech: Airplane/Engines
Cpl Gilbert M. Sones
Sgt George D. Splitstone
S/Sgt Willis J. Spray Jr. - Mechanic, P-41
S/Sgt Howard G. Stanley - Mech: Radio
S/Sgt Ralph T. Stavermann
Lowell R. Steele
Cpl Leonard C. Steen
S/Sgt Oscar L. Stephens
S/Sgt Paul L. Stephens - Mech: CFC Maint
Pfc Samuel E. Stewart
Sgt Steven J. Stokowski - Radio Repair Teletype Repair
Philip Stolpen
Cpl Kenneth Stopher
Sgt James D. Strickland
Major Marshall H. Strickler - Sqd Ops Ofcr
Pfc Floyd T. Strider - Mess (cook)
Lt Col Robert L. Strong - 62nd BS CO
Cpl Jessie W. Stuckey
S/Sgt Wilford D. Sullivan Crew Chief - P-48
Sgt Anthony Suttick
Cpl Arthur G. Sutton Jr. Airplane Pwr Plant Mech
Pfc Charles F. Sutton Jr.
Pfc Fred Sutton
Sgt Robert W. Sutton
Pfc Claude J. Swafford - Munitions Wrkr
Pfc Albert L. Swartz - Mech: Airplane/Engines
Pfc Clifford M. Switzer

T [jump menu]
Pfc Samuel L. Tackett - Armorer
1st Lt Henry W. Talbot - Acft Maint O
William R. Taylor
Pfc Percy D. Teeple
Albert G. Tepper
Pvt Robert M. Tilford - Photo Lab Tech
Cpl William D. Tompkins
T/Sgt Robert R. Tonkin - CFC Maint Mech
Pvt Frederick H. Tortorella - Munitions Wrkr
Pfc Houston T. Trahan
Sgt William R. Tucker
Sgt Keith H. Tudor
1st Lt Robert B. Turner - Asst Sq Eng O Util Maint O (SD Wing Util)

U [jump menu]
Cpl Everette M. Uebel
Sgt Fred Uellner
Sgt James E. Ulry
Sgt Arthur N. Ungarait
Cpl Joe W. Urrea

V [jump menu]
Sgt James F. Vachule
Cpl Charles C. Vega
Sgt Lawrence J. Vollum

W [jump menu]
Sgt Hubert M. Wagner
Pvt Jessie C. Warren - Munitions Wrkr
M/Sgt Louis J. Weber - Crew Chief
Sgt Byron S. Weil
Cpl David Weisman
Sgt Alford L. Welch
Sgt Jimmy R. Welch
Cpl Chester R. Weldon Jr.
T/Sgt Frank Weriansky
S/Sgt James C. Wheeler - MOS: 964
Sgt J. D. Whisenand
Sgt William L. White
Pfc Homer Whitt - Special Vehicle Op
T/Sgt Raymond C. Whittemore
Sgt Nolan E. Whittington - Asst. Crew Chief
Sgt Joseph T. Wihebrink
S/Sgt Oran O. Williams
Sgt Wilbern L. Williams
Cpl Benjamin Winderman
Sgt Norbert J. Winkler - Orderly Rm
S/Sgt Jim M. Winn Mech: Airplane & Engine
Cpl Carl L. Witzig
Sgt Dale Wohlgamuth - Mechanic, P-56
Sgt Arthur Wolinsky
Cpl Hardie Wommack
Pfc Madison E. Woodfin, Jr.
Pfc Charles C. Woods
Pvt Thomas B. Woolbright - Cook
Sgt Otis T. Woosner - Mess Sgt

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Sgt Irvin E. Yaeger
Cpl Kenneth D. Younkin - Airplane Amorer

Z [jump menu]
Pfc Earl Zettle

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27 Oct 2013: MOS added for John M. Smith link to dedication page addded
3 Sept 2012: Added: Identified Ground Crew for P-57

14 Jun 2007: Added: Rank and Names of 62nd EM per GO 8 39th HQ, GCM

27 May 2007: Added: MOS for Roy Broome per discharge papers

21 May 2007: Removed Howard C. Deeter (Aircrew Personnel)

25 Mar 2006: Added names per Roster of Officers - 11/30/44

16 Feb 2005: Added MOS per SO 136 dated 1 July 1945
17 Jan 2005: removed Aircrew Personnel
17 March 2004: added MOS per SO210 SHAAF 25 Sept 1944

17 February 2004: added MOS per Roster of Officers 10 Nov 45
13 February 2004 - added Theodore F. Kirn, Jr. per son
24 August 2003 - Identified ground crew of P-41 per Fierro diary
09 August 2003 - Added MOS per SO 182 dtd 01 Jul 1944
06 August 2003 - Added personnel and updated MOS per orders received
13 July 2002 - Donald Hartshorn moved to P-55
12 Sept 2002 - Added Names from 62nd Officer's Roster - 09/29/45
02 November 2002 - Added Names, Duties/MOS per SO-136 7/1/45
15 Dec 2002 - added rank and position for Gordon Harr.
Source: Various Military Orders; "History of the 39th Bomb Group"
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