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1st Lt Hyman Blumenstock

Hyman Blumenstock 1944
Hyman -1944
One incident I do remember, was that on the way out, we picked up a new B29 in Nebraska. We hought there was something wrong with an engine during the first flight out, and reported that fact when we stopped over in California. Also, as I got out of the plane after landing, I sprained my ankle and reported that. I believe that they probably thought we were trying to avoid going overseas, and assigned the plane to another crew. Maybe, it was just my sprained ankle. We found out later that that particular plane crashed at sea during the flight to Hawaii, and everyone was lost.

We were assigned another plane, I don't believe it was P36, as I vaguely remember that we were a bit chagrined at giving up a new airplane after we arrived in Guam, for one that had already seen service, P36. As I remember, everything on our raids was routine, for I think about 23 or 28 missions -- that is nothing outstanding in my mind, except for a bomb hangup, with an upper one falling and resting on a lower hungup bomb. We were worried about them breaking free after the bomb bay doors were closed and breaking the door latches. That would have compromised our fuel usage if we couldn't keep the doors shut.

After we descended to about 10,000 feet and could depressurize, I made two trips into the bomb bay area on the narrow catwalk along the sides, first to see what the trouble was, (the release trigger missed the release lever) and again to get a long screwdriver to release the hungup bombs by pressing the release lever with the screwdriver.

I was recommended for and received the Distinguished Flying Cross for that. Oddly, I hate heights, like on a ladder, or roof of a building, but have no trouble in an airplane. Though, with my toes protruding over the edge of the catwalk with the ocean in full view directly below, I made sure I held on tightly and carefully. Though wearing a parachute and life vest out there did cross my mind, they would have been too bulky, and I also thought of accidentally having the rip cord pulled and being yanked out. Besides, what would I do out there floating in the Pacific, given that I was not a swimmer?

Hyman Blumenstock passed away 31 August 2002


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Source:Hyman Blumenstock, Bombardier, P-36
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