39th Bomb Group (VH)

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Original Crew 
"City Of Galveston"

B-29 # 44-69785


In the above photo USS Pintado (B-29 # 44-61756) is the replacement aircraft for crew 13.  The crew above however, is that of the orginal "City of Galvestion" (and members of the submarine crew that rescued them). Reportidely, when the replacement crew was formed, some of the original crew members never flew again.
Photo of Courtesy Richard E. Vanden Heuvel, TG, P-13 Nagoya mission

Front Row (Air Crew):
1st Lt   Donald A. Gerth Pilot
2nd Lt  Waring L. Lynch Radar Observer
S/Sgt Lowell A. Ellison Right Gunner
Capt  William F. Barthel Navigator
Major John Miranda*  Airplane Commander
Sgt Gerald Carroll Left Gunner
1st Lt  Oscar B. Price Bombardier
S/Sgt Daniel T. Robinson CFC Gunner
S/Sgt George L. Mantak Flight Engineer
S/Sgt Wilbur G. Pickens Radio Operator
Not pictured:
1st Lt  Joseph E. Smith** Flight Engineer
S/Sgt Patsy H. Durante** Left Gunner
S/Sgt Richard E. Vanden Heuvel*** Tail Gunner
S/Sgt Russell R. Nelson** Tail Gunner
Standing L to R: Submarine Officers:
Ensign H. Hassenplug 2
Lt (jg) Bonjour 2
Lt J. J. Robinson, Jr. 3
Lt H. T. Fulton 4
Lt Cmdr J. E. Plummer


Cmdr Raymond Budd 6
Lt G. M. Murray 7
Esign J. Lennon 8
Lt G.E. Mitchel 9
Lt R. F. Walker 10

* Capt. John Miranda succeeded Capt. Alan M. Miller (Crew 1) as Flight Commander, when Capt Miller and 6 of his crew members were killed in an aircraft accident 28 November 1944.
** indicated airmen and position at the time of stateside depature 39th BG Roster
*** Replaced regular Tail Gunner on Nagoya Mission.

Crew 13
Honor Roll
1st Lt Oscar B. Price
January 1966
S/Sgt George L. Mantak
Flight Engineer
July 1976
S/Sgt Patsy H. Durrante
Left Gunner
September 1977
S/Sgt Russell R. Nelson
Tail Gunner
05 December 1990
1st Lt Joseph E. Smith
Flight Engineer
29 February 1992
Major John A. Miranda
Airplane Commander
26 May 1989
Capt William F. Barthel
15 June 2006
1st Lt Waring L. Lynch
Radar Observer
28 January 2009
1st Lt Donald A. Gerth
04 September 2013
Sources: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Richard Vanden Heuvel, TG