39th Bomb Group (VH)
Crew 1

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Accident Report # 45-11-28-5
Alan Miller Crew
28 Nov 1945
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The report for this accident is 124 pages. Parts of this report are duplicated - I assume because of the various componets involved in the Accident Review process sent copies of the entire report with the evaluations up the chain of the command.

4 pages were photos that were not legiable because the report is a photo copy made from the microfilmed file.

The report has been been converted into PDF format. A program like Adobe's Acrobat Reader is needed to view and print the document. If you need a copy of this program it can be downloaded for free by clicking

Because of the converted size of the report is 35.5 megs - the report has been split into 16 parts:

Part I Pages 001-013 (5.56mb)
Part II Pages 014-026 (6.33mb)
Part III Statement of 1st Lt Willam J. Bennett, Bombardier (1.57mb)
Part IV Statement of Capt William Barthel, Navigator (2.69mb)
Part V Statement of S/Sgt Victor Vanderpool, Instructor Radio Op (835k)
Part VI Statement of Cpl Henri Garnier, Tail Gunner (1.08mb)
Part VII Weather Briefing & Tower Operator Statement (890k)
Part VIII Civilian Witness Statements (99k)
Part IX Corps of Enginners Asst Fire Chief Statement & Form 41b Discrepancies (1.46mb)
Part X Statement of T/Sgt Perry F. Shope, Flight Engineer (2.28mb)
Part XI Communications Maintenance Forms (1.00mb)
Part XII Weight & Balance Clearance & Local Clearance Form (919k)
Part XIII - Wreckage Photos (1.27mb)
Part XIV Results and Findings Part 1 (3.12mb)
Part VX Results and Findings Part 2 (2.26mb)
Part VXI More Wreckage Photos (1.04mb)
Part VXII Summary of Weather, Radio Contact w/ Acrft, Repair log of Engines # 2, 3 (2.11mb)
Source:Accident Report 45-11-28-5