39th Bomb Group (VH)
Crew 1

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"Yankee Dollar"
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P-1  In Flight
Photo from "History of 39th BG"
original contributor unknown

3rd repl. crew 01
Photo courtesy of Don Montague
Standing L to R:
2nd Lt Robert F. Miller Navigator
2nd Lt Charles E. Gabbard Radar Observer
2nd Lt Richard D. Harrison Airplane Commander
1st Lt Arland Christ-Janer Bombardier
2nd Lt. Richard M. Bailey Pilot
Kneeling L to R:
Cpl Arthur P. Gergely Left Gunner
Cpl Lawrence J. Montague Tail Gunner
Cpl Junior Henry Isgar Right Gunner
S/Sgt Kenneth H. Welsh Flight Enginner
Sgt Frank L. Wachtel Radio Operator
Sgt Harvey Stulmaker CFC Gunner
Note: Christ-Janer also appears on Crew 46

 Crew 01R 3
Honor Roll
2nd Lt Richard D. Harrison Airplane Commander 19 August 1998

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Above is a Monogram 1/48th scale model of B-29 Yankee Dollar - This model was built by Don Montague as gift for his father Lawrence Montague, TG of this crew. You can email Don regarding the models or regarding his dad by clicking on his name above
Below is a look at the real thing; photo from Charles Orf's Collection, furnished by Don Montague - all photos on this page were also from Don.

Yankee Dollar on hardstand
Yankee Dollar on hardstand - Guam 1945
Courtesy of Don Montague

For the explanation for the name change from "Yankee Dollah" 
and "Yankee Dollar" click here
Crew personnel change (as shown in the photo above) took place after combat missions ended.  AC Major Ewell K. Nold returned to the States and 1st Lt. Gordon B. Perkins followed on emergency leave.  2nd Lt Richard D. Harrison replaced  Nold as AC and Christ-Janner replaced Perkins as Bombardier.  We flew POW missions with Harrison as AC of Crew 1.

Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group" by Robert Laird, (crew 5) and David Smith (crew 31); Don Montague