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We are looking for copies of military orders listing the names of Veterans of the 60th, 61st and 62nd Squadrons Click here for [more]


The following are scanned images of military orders related to movement or change of status of personnel assigned or attached to the 39th Bomb Group (VH). These are only the description portion of the order - NO NAMES are listed at this time.

Issued by
PO 217 Participation in regular and frequent flights - 60th, 61st BS personnel (and pers from other BGs)
9 Sept 1944
SO 48 Officer Promotions (PDF)
1 Sept 1945
HQ 20th AAF
SO 92 Primary MOS Redesignation of Radar Oprs & Bombardiers from 60th, 61st, 62nd Bomb Squadrons (names wo/serial numbers)
02 May 1945
HQ 314th BW
SO 125 Paragraph 16 covering 10 officers of 314th BW to assigned BGs - Fisher & Horton - Crew 39
05 May 1945
SO 100 Lead Crew Training for 39th BG Crew 7 and Crew 32 (also crews from 19th, 29th, 330th BGs)
10 May 1945
HQ 314th BW
SO 136 62nd Enlisted Promotions Partial List; Tapp Crew assigned as Crew 6 (PDF)
1 July 1945
HQ 39th BG
SO 230 Crew 7 Movement Orders (TDY) (PDF)
21 September 1945
HQ 314th BW
SO 261 Movement: Sunset Project (PDF)
22 October 1945
HQ 314th BW
SO 265 Movement: Sunset Project P-7 (PDF)
26 October 1945
HQ 314th BW
SO 266 Movement Orders: Sunset Project
61st Sqd Crew P-31R, P-36, P-37
27 October 1945
HQ 314th BW

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