39th Bomb Group (VH)

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B-29 # Unknown

Photo courtesy of Wooden Family

Major William C. Neilson Airplane Commander
1st Lt Donald G. Dahle Pilot
1st Lt Kenneth M. Olin Navigator
Capt Thomas W. Feigenson Bombardier
2nd Lt Clyde E. Tull Radar Observer
1st Lt John W. Horton Radar Observer*
T/Sgt Clyde A. Jones Flight Engineer
Sgt Dewey E. Warner Radio Operator
S/Sgt  Richard A. Cohan CFC Gunner
Sgt Norman F. Kline Left Gunner
Sgt Michael Holowach Right Gunner
Sgt Andrew M. Wooden Tail Gunner
* Stateside Departure

Crew 39
Honor Roll
2nd Lt Donald G. Dahle
31 July 1988
Capt Thomas W. Feigenson 
7 August 1991
1st Lt Clyde E. Tull
Radar Observer
16 August 1999
S/Sgt Richard A. Cohan
CFC Gunner
19 July 2005
Sgt Andrew M. Wooden
Tail Gunner
21 January 2017

Updated: 9 Aug 2017
Added Sgt Wooden to the Crew Honor Roll and the Final Flight Honor Roll. Thank to his family for letting us know he took his final flight.

Updated: 1 June 2005
Contact has been established with Cohan and Wooden.

Added: Crew 39 Honor Roll; Names of Dahle, Feigenson and Tull found on Social Security Death Index (SSDI) database.

Updated: 1 March 2004
Crew 39 is listed as above (except for Horton) is based on SO 182 dated 4 August 1945 issued by 314th BW HQ - Assigned to Lead Crew School - Muroc AAB, CA for 30 days. Orders are courtesy of 1st Lt Howard Hawthorne, Nav, P-52R.

Update: 19 August 2001
Updated Rank per 61st orders courtesy of Ben Hill, RG, P-22; added first names of pilot and TG from above mentioned documentation.

Updated: At the 39th Bomb Group's 2000 Reunion the above list of crew members and positions was submitted by Ray Schwartz, P-6. Ray and his friend, Mike Holowach, during one of their visits worked together to fill in some of the blanks on this crew.

There were eight crews with only 4 men listed, the Airplane Commander, Navigator, Bombardier and Radar Specialist. They were Crew 26 (replacement), Crew 36, Crew 38, Crew 39, Crew 40, Crew 55, Crew 59 and WOC.

The information on Crew 36, Crew 38, Crew 39 and Crew 40 came from a list compiled by Lt. Robert Woodard, P-33. The list of officers submitted were of the 61 crews of the 39th Bomb Group. A list of enlisted men for these crews was hard to locate. Can you help fill in the blanks? If so please email

Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group", Ray Schwartz, P-6, Michael Holowach, P-39 and Howard Hawthorne P-52R, Wooden Family