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Mitsubishi Aircraft Plant - Tamashima (Day)


Mission Number: 31
Mission Date: 22 June 1945

Two strikes on 22 June and 25-26 June, one to Tamashima and the other to Nagoya interrupted the burning of the smaller towns. After that it was back to the long series of attacks on these smaller urban areas - a strategy that would continue until the end of the war.

The Tamashima strike was in connection with the plan to knock out certain high priority targets that were vital to the enemy's war effort. A unit of the Mitsubishi Aircraft Company, manufacturing Bettys, was located in the town, which lay approximately half way between Kure and Kobe. Along with the other Groups of the 314th Wing, the 39th Bomb Group sent twenty-five B-29s against this target. Meager and inaccurate anti-aircraft fire from enemy ground batteries were helped little by the presence of fourteen Japanese fighters in the area even though the weather was clear.

Results of the bombing were good. 86% of the plant roof area was destroyed or damaged with about 25% of the plant being demolished completely. Likewise, several aircraft were hit on the ground.

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