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Radar Section
Radar Section - 61st Squadron
Radar Section - 62nd Squadron

The duties of the Radar Mechanics were obviously to repair and maintain the B-29's Radar Equipment. Each squadron of the group had their own radar mechanics who worked on their squadon's B-29s.

If anyone has any information about the 60th, 61st or 62nd Radar Sections please contact us. We are in need of a 61st and 62nd Radar Section photos. You can contact us by email at: updates@39th.org

"The Gears"

"The Gears" photo is courtesy of David Faldet, Son of S/Sgt Melbourne O. Faldet, Radar Mech, 60th BS.

L to R: S/Sgt George Bishop, Radar Mech (60th BS); Capt Robert L. Frefichs, Electronics Officer (60th BS); 1st Lt Francis E. Doughty, Electronics Officer (60th BS); T/Sgt William D. Hale* (61st BS); Orville E. Kennedy* (62nd BS).

*Idenification key on back of photo listed "Hale of 61st" - William D. Hale was the only "Hale" listed on the 61st BS EM Roster dated 15 Sept 1945; The photo also listed "Kenndy of 62nd - 62nd EM Roster dated Sept 1945 lists a Orville E. Kennedy, however no MOS or Rank is listed on the Roster.

Radar Section
Honor Roll
Sgt Emile S. Guignon III
Radar Mechanic, 60th Squadron
October 1972
S/Sgt Robert J. Schoeck
Radar Mechanic, RCM, 62nd Squadron
May 1973
Cpl Carl Henton, Jr.
Radar Mechanic, 62nd Squadron
22 November 1992
S/Sgt Newell J. Keegan
Radar Mechanic, 62nd Squadron
25 September 1998
S/Sgt Melbourne O. "Mel" Faldet
Radar Mechanic, 60th Squadron
28 June 2005

Other personnel that are known to have been Radar Mechanics per their MOS:
60th Squadron
61st Squadron
62nd Squadron
S/Sgt Christie E. Dumas
Sgt Abram K. Blumenthal
Sgt Alvin W. Brunnelson
Sgt Ralph D. Gray
Sgt Robert E. Kendall
Sgt William H. Olson
S/Sgt Homer G. Bergeman
Sgt Robert W. Fross
S/Sgt Robert J. Schoeck
Sgt Leonard Sherin

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; David Faldet
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