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Radar Section
60th Squadron
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The above photo is courtesy of David Faldet, son of S/Sgt Melbourne O. Faldet, Radar Mechanic, 60th BS.

Click on the left section/center section or right section of the above image to enlarge that area and view the names of the men in that section of the photo.

The names are were provided by David Faldet, per the identication key on the back of his father's photo; Rank and position were added per the 39th BG (VH) database, which was compiled from the names listed on various orders pertaining to 39th BG (VH) personnel.

While the AAF title block shows "314 WP 8:10:45-414-5-EM of the 60th B. SQ" there is a notation on the back of the photo with the idenification that states "Radar Men of the 60th Bomb Sqdrn Taken by group photographer Guam, Marianas Islands."

Radar Section
Honor Roll
Sgt Emile S. Guignon III
Radar Mechanic, 60th Squadron
October 1972
S/Sgt Melbourne O. "Mel" Faldet
Radar Mechanic, 60th Squadron
28 June 2005

Other personnel not shown in the photo above but are known to have been 60th BS Radar Mechanics per their MOS:

S/Sgt George E. Bishop
S/Sgt Christie E. Dumas
Sgt Alvin W. Brunnelson

If anyone can provide any additional information pertaining to the 60th BS Radar Section (names, additional photos etc, please contact: updates@39th.org

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; David Faldet
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