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Sgt William C. McCord

Some of what I can remember, as I haven't gone through all of the papers
on my father yet, is that he worked his way West during his time with the USAAF. He spent some time in the Nashville / Clarksville , TN area and then in Souix Falls, SD. During some part of his training, where ever he was at the time, FDR came to the base and his squadron marched on parade for him.

He went from the Dakota's to LA, Calif. and then on to Hawaii. I believe he spent some time on Saipan, Tinian, and eventually Guam.

His CO wanted him to go onto Japan, as he was older than most of the others, and become part of the occupying forces; but he opted to go home and be with my Mother and older sister. I didn't come around till 1948.

After the war!

My father worked for Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company in Pleasant Hill/Pittsfield , Illinois and later in Tuscola, Illinois [where I was

He worked as a Stationary Operational Engineer and spend 44
years with the company before retiring. He was active in the Union -
The Atomic Oil and Chemical Workers.

He was also active in local politics, being a township auditor, election judge, etc. He and several of his friends got together and started a local charity group to help the needy in the small town (2200 people) raising money by holding IQHSA and AQHSA sanctioned Horse Shows.

He was also instrumental, along with several other friends, in getting one of the last Local Libraries built with matching State funding. I know this was one of his proudest accomplishments.

He and my mother designed and built a house in 1959 that he lived in until shortly before his death. He was active in his church and served for many years as the property chairman. He was a Master Mason, Scottish Rite Member, Six times Commander of the American
Legion Post with a 100% Renewal, a Lions Club member, Precinct
Committeeman, and a friend to many.

When he and my mother were both retired they spent a lot of time
traveling. Aside from trips to Oklahoma, Texas, California, up and down the New England coast, to Florida; they also visited Europe..Italy, England & France... several times together.

After my mother's passing in 1997, he did well for a few years; but then his health started to decline. He contracted a staff infection
resulting in the loss of his left eye and had a major back injury that
really slowed him down.

He spent some 1- 2 years in the local nursing home, but got out to play dominos with his buddies when possible and went to church when he was physically up to it. He finally suffered from congestive heart failure and passed on 29 January, 2003.

I would like to find anyone else out there who, or whose father, might have known mine.

Any pictures I have will be sent and/or made available as I get them scanned. I would like any that any one else has that include my father and his comrades.

McCord's son William can contacted via email at:

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Source: William R. McCord, Son