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The following men were part of the 31st Air Service Group. The men provided service for all 4 of the bomb groups stationed on North Field. As there is very little information about Service Groups on the internet these men are honored on this site for their endless efforts in making the missions of the 39th Bomb Group as well as 19th, 29th and the 330th BG missions successful.
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Cpl Harvey Bagwell - Light Truck Driver
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Major Clifford E. Crow - Aircraft Engineering Officer

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S/Sgt Paul L. Dummel (56th Air Material Sq)

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1st Lt Wilbert E. Evers - SD Wing Finance O

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Harold Gavino
Pfc Andrew L. Gordon - Light Truck Driver

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Cpl Raymond G. Hamson (56th AMS) Small Weapons Mech
Pfc Ralph A. Handcock, (B Svc Sq) Light Truck Driver

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Linwood F. Libby

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Capt Philip Marchese - Dental Officer
Anthony L. Morbitt - Asst Chaplin
Willis I. Murray

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Pfc Alfred K. Ratliff - Mech: Airplane and Engine
Pvt Jesse Rector - Light Truck Driver

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Pfc Morris W. Sharpe? (56th AMS)

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Sebastian A. Thomasulo - Sheet Metal Shop
Danny Todero - 1st Sgt

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Sgt Bliss E. Wesley (B Svc Sq) Teletype Operator

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