39th Bomb Group (VH)

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"City of Monroe"
"Doc Jones"
B-29 # 44-70018
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Courtsey of Richard Kelso

Standing L to R:
1st Lt  Charles J. Holt, Jr (Tim) Bombardier
F/O Kenneth A. Barnes Pilot
Major  Luther A. Jones Airplane Commander 
1st Lt  Walter McGuire  Navigator
2nd Lt Robert Landregan, Jr. Radar
Kneeling L to R:
T/Sgt Joseph W. Buck Right Gunner
S/Sgt Alvin Kassel Left Gunner
T/Sgt Merle D. Tomlinson CFC Gunner
Sgt Robert J. De Angelis Tail Gunner
M/Sgt Marshall A. Goldston Flight Engineer
S/Sgt Herbert L. Greer Radio Operator

 Crew 59
Honor Roll
1st Lt Charles J. Holt, Jr.
February 1973
M/Sgt Marshall A. Goldston, Jr
Flight Engineer
07 October 1997
1st Lt Robert J. Landregan
Radar Observer
08 April 2002 (SSDI)
T/Sgt Merle D. Tomlinson
CFC Gunner
16 September 2004 (SSDI)
Major Luther A. Jones
Airplane Commander
26 February 2005
S/Sgt Herbert L. Greer
Radio Operator
30 August 2007
S/Sgt Marvin J. Rodich
Crew Chief
14 July 2010


07 Jul 2010: Added: Marvin Rodich to Crew Honor Roll

02 Sept 2007:
Added: Greer to Crew Honor Roll

20 May 2007:

Updated Crew Honor Roll to include Landregan & Tomlinson based on search results of the Social Secuirty Death Index (SSDI).

12 May 2003:
Ron Greer, son of S/Sgt Herbert L. Greer, Radio Operator, provided the names of the crew that we were missing as well as identified the "unknown" crew photo that appreared on the web site as his father's crew.

16 January 2003:
Mrs. Marshall A. Goldston provided a copy of a US One Dollar bill that all of Crew 59 signed for her husband. All of the names above do appear - however we are still unsure of some of their positions on crew.

26 February 2002:
The following names were found on GO-112 Award of Air Medal dated 14 June 1945 issued by Headquarters XXI Bomber Command
, all the other names listed were matched to crews of the 39th BG with the exception of the following:

F/O Kenneth A. Barnes
T/Sgt Joseph W. Buck
T/Sgt Merle D. Tomlinson
S/Sgt Herbert L. Greer

01 February 2002:
Goldston, Kassel, De Angelis names found on SO-54 dated 5 September 1945 Award of Distinguished Flying Cross along with 3 other members of this crew.

If anyone has any additional information about this crew, please email

Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Ron Greer