39th Bomb Group (VH)

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Award of Distinguished Flying Cross

APO 234, c/o Postmaster
San Francisco California

17 September 1945
NO . . . . . . . . 66) -
   Section XXIII

         AWARD OF THE DISTINGUISHED-FLYING-CROSS--By direction of the President, under the provisions of the Act of Congress, approved 2 July 1926 (Bull 8, WD 1926), and persuant to authority delegated by Headquaters United States Army Strategic Air Forces in letter, file AG 323; subject: "Ddefinitions of Administrative Responsibilities", dated 6 August 1945, announcement is made of the award of the Distinguished-Flying-Cross to the following named officers and enlisted men of the 61st Bombardment Squadron, 39th Bombardment Group.

         For extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight over the Japanese home island of Shikoku 3 July 1945. These individuals were combat crew members of a B-29 aircraft on the highly successful night incediary strike at the important shipping and military center of Tokushima. After dropping their bombs in the target area and turning southward through heavy-caliber anti-aircraft fire, they received a distress call from another B-29. Risking enemy fighter attacks by showing an identifying light to the distressed airplane, in spite of a fast-deminishing fuel suppy, until the damaged B-29 had landed at an advanced base. During this time, they supplied the crippled airplane with invaluable navigational data, without which it probably would not have been able to reach base. After the safety of this bomber had been assured, and only then did these crew members resume their flight to home base, which was completed safely. The cool courage, the exemplary determination, the superior skill and airmanship displayed by these veterans of repeated assaults against the Japanese homeland materially contributed to a successful bombing mission and helped immeasurably to save the lives of eleven B-29 crew members and their airplane. Their actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the Army Air Forces.

First Lieutenant ROBERT L. HICKEY, Air Corps, United States Army, as Radar Observer.

First Lieutenant GEORGE S. MOTT, JR., Air Corps, United States Army, as Airplane Commander.

Second Lieutenant HYMEN L. BLUMENSTOCK, Air Corps, United States Army, as Bombardier.

Flight Officer HENRY L. BOGDANSKI, Air Corps, United States Army, as Pilot.

Technical Sergeant LAWRENCE H. CLINE (then Staff Sergeant), Air Corps, United States Army, as Flight Engineer.

Staff Sergeant EUGENE J. ANDREOTTI, Air Corps, United States Army, as Left Blister Gunner.

Staff Sergeant MARTIN E. ISMERT, JR., Air Corps, United States Army, as Radio Operator.

Sergeant HERSCHEL W. BOWLING, Air Corps, United States Army, as Central Fire Control Gunner.

Sergeant PAUL PAULICK, Air Corps, United States Army, as Tail Gunner.

Source:GO 66 sec 23 dated 17 Sep 1945, HQ 20th AF