39th Bomb Group (VH)

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Original Crew

Above L to R: Cpl Lewis "Loue" V. Segner, RO; Cpl Ralph L. Spatafore, TG; Abe; Cpl Bertram Barnett, CFC; Cpl Leonard E. Stewart, RG; Cpl Raymond F. Stockhausen, LG
Back Row L to R: Andy; Cpl Raymond F. Stockhausen; Cpl Ralph L. Spatafore
Front Row L to R: Marty; Cpl Lewis "Loue" V. Segner; Cpl Bertram Barnett; Cpl Leonard E. Stewart
Photos courtesy of Mike Watts, grandson of Leonard E. Stewart

Crew Roster
As it appeared in the 39th BG's chronicles
1st Lt David W. O' Hara Airplane Commander 
2nd Lt Carroll O. Andrews Pilot
2nd Lt Richard F. Stripe Navigator
1st Lt Jack R. Clawson* Bombardier
Capt Ralph H. Hazel** Group Flight Engineer 
Cpl Eugene D. Spangler Radar
Cpl Lewis V. Segner Radio Operator 
Cpl Bertram Barnett  CFC Gunner
Cpl Raymond F. Stockhausen Left Gunner 
Cpl Leonard E. Stewart Right Gunner 
Cpl Ralph L. Spatafore Tail Gunner 
Crew 31
Honor Roll
1st Lt Ralph Hazel Group Flight Engineer
MIA: 27 April 1945
Leonard E. Stewart Right Gunner
29 July 1998

Orders were cut for Crew 31 15 November, 1944 at Smoky Hill as were those for Crews 21 to 37. This crew was not on the Roster & Passengers of the 39th Bomb Group at the time of stateside departure March-April 1945. 1st Lt Ralph H. Hazel, Flight Engineer, does show up as Missing in Action.


08 October 2002:
Capt Hazel was the 8 men lost while flying with Crew 50.

07 December 2001:
Photos of this crew are courtesy of Mike Watts, Grandson of Leonard E. Stewart, RG. From photos found in the Stewart family album and from postmarks of letters sent home by Stewart, it appears that this crew (at least in part) was reassigned to the 315th BW 331st Bomb Group, which was stationed at Northwest Field, Guam. Also, that the 39th BG flew its first mission 12 April 45 and 1st Lt. Snow's (Crew 31R) flew their first mission in 05 May 1945 - the O'Hara Crew may have been reassigned to 331st BG while still stateside - which would explain why they did not appear on the Roster & Passengers of the 39th BG mentioned above.

17 August 2001:
*Records show Clawson was assigned as P-23's Bombardier (their 2nd) at stateside departure.
** Capt Hazel is listed in the American Battle Monument's War Dead WWII Honor Roll as having died 27 April 1945; assigned to 39th Bomb Group Headquarters. None of the other members of this crew are listed in this database.

There is no other information available about this crew. If anyone has any information on this crew, please email

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Mike Watts, Grandson of Leonard E. Stewart, RG