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Cpl Leonard E. Stewart
Right Gunner

Leonard E. Stewart
1925 - 1998

The following photos are courtesy of Mike Watts, grandson of Leonard E. Stewart. He found then while going through a family album. The captions that appeared with the photo are as indicated. Hopefully a visitor to the site will find that they knew Leonard or a member of his crew and be able to provide more information.

Mike can be contacted by emailing:

The following information came from Joseph Savio who emailed the 39th BG's Historian in hopes of getting this information to Mike Watts as the email address at the time, had become invalid. However, Mike now has this information and his email address has been updated. This information will remain since it shares what happen to Stewart and his crew.

Leonard Stewart was apparently transfered to the 315th BW - Northwest Field 331st BG, 357th BS. As a member of Crew 7C1 (a large diamond with a large "B" inside on the tail.) Call sign - "Slicker 48" The Individual Aircraft was # 48.

B-29 # 44-83937 Name: "NOSMO KING"

The Crew was as follows:
Captain Faye E. Allen - Airplane Commander
2Lt Edwin R. Pugsley - Pilot
2Lt. Joseph E. Hnatov - Bombardier
F/O Kenneth L. Perkins - Navigator
T/Sgt Charles S. Adams - Flight Engineer
Frederick A. Le Blanc - Radio Op
Sgt William E. Dowty, Jr. - CFC
Sgt Leonard Earl Stewart - RG
Sgt Hugo A. Demarco - LG

This crew had no NO TAIL GUNNER as it was a B-29B Aircraft. They had a 10-man crew with a radar controlled tail gun [APQ15 Radar] and was stripped of all other armament. Gunners were reclassified as scanners.

The crew chief on the above named acft. was a M/Sgt. Fred L. Roddy Jr.

Leonard (L) &
the Old Man
Ray Stockhausen
Eugene Spangler
Lenorard Stewart
Lewis Segner (L) &

Mike shares that Leonard was a boxer during his war days and sparred with "Sugar Ray Robinson" don't know who won but Leonard loved boxing and would shadow box when he watched a fight.
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Source: Mike Watts, grandson of Leonard E. Stewart, RG; Joseph Savko