39th Bomb Group (VH)


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"Old Overcast"
61st Squadron
3 4

Aircraft shown above is not "Old Overcast"

Kneeling L to R:
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S/Sgt John B. "Doc" Dougherty Radio Operator
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T/Sgt Donald Kit Carson Flight Engineer
Standing L to R:
2nd Lt Robert V. Raynor Radar
1st Lt  Horst L. "Jack" Weber unknown
1st Lt John Hamilton Pilot
Capt Kenneth Trow Airplane Commander
Not Pictured:
1st Lt James M. Ainsworth Weather Observer
Cpl Charles D. Buchinski Nose Gunner

Weather Observation Crew
Honor Roll
Cpl Charles D. Buchinsky
Nose Gunner
30 August 2003
Capt Kenneth T. Trow
Airplane Commander
21 July 2009

The crew arrived on Guam in July and started flying weather recon flights every three days, taking off about 2:00am and returning 18 hours later.

The following photos were obtained at the 39th BG Association's 2003 Reunion given that there is 14 men pictured and a standard B-29 crew has 11 personnel this led me to thing that these are the men who made up the Weather Observation Crew.

Your help is needed - from the above photo I was able to match S/Sgt "Doc" Dougherty as being the man pictured in the first photo below (L to R) kneeling # 3 and Capt Kenneth Trow as standing # 5. If you are able to ID any of the other men please email:

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Standing L to R:
#5 Capt Kenneth Trow, AC
Kneeling L to R:
#3 S/Sgt John B. Doughtery, Radio; #5 S/Sgt Charles D. Buchinsky, Nose Gunner
Note: Thanks to Pam Todd Kearns Historical Society for helping to identify C Buchinsky.

Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"