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Cpl Charles D. Buchinski (Bronson)
Nose Gunner

He had just finished basic when he was sent to Kearns for further education both in weather schooling and gunnery schooling. He was sent to Kearns in early fall of 1943. he was later sent to Kansas from Kearns after being assigned to a group.

He flew a total of 26 missions, 21 in combat and 5 with a weather observation crew of the 39th Bomb Group. Buchinski was first with a B-25 unit or group and then transferred to a B-29 group.


The above information was provided by Pam Todd, Historian for the Kearns Historical Society.

As Pam's area of interest is Camp Kearns that is what their conversations were limited to as far as Buchinski's military service.

Thanks to Pam for sharing this information with us and helping to fill a gap in our group's history.

Film Star Charles Bronson explains the scene to Ken Trow during the filming of MGM's movie "Telefon". Trow was the captain of the B-29 Bronson served on during World War I I, and visited the location at Great Falls airport to renew old acquaintances.

Charles D. Buchinski died 30 August 2003

His name appears on the 61st BS Enlisted Men Roster dated 15 September 1945 at the rank of Corporal with a then hometown as Ehrenfield, PA.

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group", Pam Todd, historian Kearns Historical Society