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"Fifty-Second Seabees"
B-29 # 44-69792

The following photos are courtesy of Melvin Hicks, who served with the 52nd Seabees and who's unit was honored by Crew 33 in the naming of their B-29, was a guest at the 2002 39th BG Reunion in Dayton, OH.

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B-29 # 44-69792 Data
Departed US: 27 March 1945
Departed From: Salina, KS
Destination: Guam
Source: Sparky Corrandina, Historian, 40th BG Assoc
Documentation shows that on 3 October 1945, Crew 40 (Capt Lawrence Devine, AC) flying B-29 44-69792 on a training mission ditched at 1209, 8 miles West of Aguijan, Marianas 9 MIA- 1 survivor.
Source: Susan Stone, sister of 1st Lt Hammond Saddler, Pilot, Crew 40

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Photo Source: Mel Hicks, member of the 52nd Seabees; Information Source: Sparky Corradina; Susan Saddler Stone