39th Bomb Group (VH)

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1st B-29 # 44-69894
"Jungle Jolly"
2nd B-29 # unknown

P-20 coming in for a landing at North Field, Guam
Photo Courtesy of Col. Michael Dickey, grandson of Sgt Howard V. Dickey, Camera Tech 61st BS

Jungle Jolly Nose Art
Photo Courtesy of Porfiro Rios, Radar Observer, Crew 20

Kneeling L to R:
T/Sgt Charles "Chuck" A. Castle  Flight Engineer
S/Sgt Henry F. Wysocki  Radio Operator
S/Sgt Vincent W. Latham  Right Gunner
S/Sgt Bill R. Ermey CFC Gunner
Sgt Joshua Shubin  Left Gunner
Sgt William H. Carter  Tail Gunner
Standing L to R:
1st Lt  Thomas J. Campbell  Pilot
F/O Harry G. Robinson  Bombardier
1st Lt  Leonard Post Airplane Commander
1st Lt  Donald R. Phillips  Navigator
1st Lt  Porfirio Rios  Radar

Crew 20 completed 23 combat missions and two supply missions to POW camps in northern Japan. On one of these, they logged 18 hours and 20 minutes - the other 18 hours and 45 minutes. These were more difficult than many of the combat missions.

 Crew 20 
Honor Roll 
1st Lt Leonard Post
Airplane Commander
killed while ferrying troops back from Europe during take-off in the Azores
1st Lt Thomas J. Campbell
S/Sgt Henry Wysocki
Radio Operator
03 October 1995
S/Sgt Vincent W. Latham
Right Gunner
30 September 2002
F/O Charles A. Castle
Flight Engineer
01 May 2009
Sgt William H. Carter
Tail Gunner
01 September 2013
1st Lt Porfirio Rios
28 December 2014


May 2015: Added Portfirio Rios to Crew Honor Roll. An obituary for Rios was found during an internet search. A family member listed matches that of a family member listed in our records.

Added William H. Carter to Crew Honor Roll. An internet search for WWillam H. Carter resulted in an entry found on the Library of Congress - Veterans History Project - Biographically info listed him as assigned to 39th BG; audio interview states he was from Bethel Park, PA; Obit for William H. Carter states that he was from Bethel Park, PA.

** The current status of Donald Phillips, Harry G. Robinson, and Bill R. Ermey are unknown. Joshua Shubin resides in GA.

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"