39th Bomb Group (VH)

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"City Of Youngstown"
"The Confederate Soldier"
B-29 #44-61524

Replacement Crew

Replacement Crew 9's "City of Youngstown" in action
Photo Courtesy of Col. Michael Dickey, grandson of Sgt Howard V. Dickey, Camera Tech 61st BS

Courtesy of Len Round, RG

Standing L to R:
*F/O William Burke, Jr. Flight Engineer
1st Lt James S. Adams Bombardier
Capt  James Welch, Jr  Airplane Commander
Sgt Houston J. Jones  Tail Gunner
S/Sgt Daniel E. Hughes  Left Gunner
T/Sgt Richard A. Huston Radio Operator
Kneeling L to R:
T/Sgt David Luft  CFC Gunner
1st Lt Edgar A. Reed Navigator
1st Lt Richard K. Larsen Pilot
1st Lt Francis M. Adams Radar Observer
S/Sgt Leonard P. Round Right Gunner

 Crew 9
Honor Roll 
T/Sgt David Luft
CFC Gunner
crop duster; killed in a plane crash
1st Lt Richard K. Larsen
T/Sgt Arlington R. Kaeding
Crew Chief
12 December 1967
F/O William M. Burke, Jr.
Flight Engineer
29 December 1969
Sgt Houston J. Jones
Tail Gunner
23 April 1951
S/Sgt Richard A. Huston
Radio Op

17 October 1997

S/Sgt Leonard P. Round
Right Gunner
11 November 2020


23 Nov 2020: Added Len Round to Crew Honor Roll and Final Flight Honor Roll. Thank you to his son Chris for notifying us of his father's final flight.

3 September 2011: Added: Burke, Jones & Huston to Crew Honor Roll as well as to the Final Flight Honor Roll section of our site - Thank you to Cathy McDowell, daughter of Capt James Welch, Jr. Airplane Commander, for proviidng us the information.

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Len Round; Randy Kaeding; Cathy McDowell