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Guam Photos

These photos were provided courtesy of Bill Dickey, his father, Capt William S. Dickey, served with the 60th Squadron, ground echelon - 39th Bomb Group, unless otherwise cited. The caption are those noted on the back of the photos written by Capt. Dickey

This is the old church in Agana showing the damage it received from shelling. The road is the main highway, Marine Drive"
no caption provided but it looks
like another old church
remains of the U.S. Post Office
Agana after the shelling
Sunken Japanese freigther
Talofofo Bay - 1945
Talofofo Bay - today
courtesy of Guam Visitors Bureau
Japanese gun nest
bombed out US Army Tank
The remains of the Agana Power Company after the shelling
sign reads:
"Comissioner of Inarajan"
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