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Peace Park

Peace Park

Following text is engraved on the stone installed beneath Peace Praying Statue:

Words for building Peace Praying Statue

An Atomic Bomb exploded on right overhead 11:02 9th August 1945, and on 5km side district fall into ruins, dead more than 73,000, wounded more than 76,000.

Memories for horror of burning hell makes our hearts almost burst with grief.

We, survived citizens, made a firm resolution that we pray for every soul of victims of the atomic air raid and came out by ourselves to be apostle of world’s eternal peace, so as to never repeat the terrible disaster on the ground.

As a symbol, we intended to build the Peace Praying Statue on the hill. Then we organized Peace Praying Statue Building Society, under the impassioned support of domestic and foreign peoples, started construction in spring 1951 and after four years, completed our heart’s desired statue, and held unveiling ceremony. Today is the day before tenth atomic bomb anniversary. I, with 300 thousands citizens, believe that this Peace Praying Statue will be raised many people’s eyes and greatly contributes for world’s peace.
August 1955, Mayor of Nagasaki

Additional explanation of the statue. This statue stands in the Peace Park, Nagasaki, where locates north of center of the atomic bomb explosion. Before the statue, Peace Pray Ceremony performs solemnly on 9th August every year. The deceased due to diseases caused by atomic bomb reached 126,630 persons this year. The statue, height 9.7 meter, weight 30ton, made by bronze, completed by Seibo Kitamura (1884-1997), a famous engraver and pious Christian, was reinforced and painted in blue-white color last year. - Yaichiro Hayashi

The above photo and translated text are courtesy of Yaichiro Hayashi, Translator of "B-29 Tactical Mission Report" and lives in the suburbs of Nagoya City, Japan.  To email Ya, click on his name above.

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