39th Bomb Group (VH)

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Engineering Section
60th Squadron
62nd Squadron

Photo Courtesy of Ernest Abell

From the 39th BG personnel listed its been determined the men listed were Crew Chiefs. The following are the crews they were assigned:
S/Sgt Devin Jenck, P-11R, 60th Sq; S/Sgt Cecil E. Davis, P-30, 61st Sq; M/Sgt Loren Abell, P-54, 62nd Sq; M/Sgt Louis Weber, unknown Crew, 62nd Sq; S/Sgt John Spauder, P-32, 61st Sq
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Note: According to Abell's son Ernest - his father achieved the rank of M/Sgt on 01 July 1945 - dating this document on or after that date.
Source: Ernest H. Abbell, Loren Abell's son
Replacement Crew 11, 60th Sq Crew 30, 61st Sq Crew 54, 62nd Sq Crew 32, 61st Sq Unknown, 62nd Sq