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Part of the 61st BS Central Fire Control (CFC) Maintenace Crew
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Photo courtesy of Gerald Pflugh, son of Sgt Theodore Pflugh

Back Row L to R:
Sgt Charles R. Riser, S/Sgt Thomas W. Aldrich, Sgt Robert A. Seese, Ellis*, Sgt William W. Kylberg, Cpl Victor F. Hollister, Cpl Louis Melzer, Sgt Earl Baldwin, S/Sgt Frederick W. Volzing
Front Row L to R:
S/Sgt Marselle D. Fesperman, Pfc Claude V. Taylor, Palmer*, S/Sgt James S. D. Stovall, S/Sgt Roy P. Kennedy, Sgt Theodore J. Pflugh, Cpl Craig H. Smith, Sgt Lowell E. Birch, T/Sgt Ralph E. Morton

Pictured above are some of the men who were responsible for the repair and maintenace of the Central Fire Control System aboard the B-29s for our group.

The last names of the men pictured accompanied this photo; rank, first name and middle inital were found 39th BG database complied from various documents and orders of the unit. * denotes additional information is needed as multiple entries for this last name are present.

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Central Fire Control
Maintenance - 61st BS
Honor Roll
S/Sgt Frederick W. Volzing
4 Mar 1961 - Golden Gate Nat'l Cemetery
Sgt Theodore J. Pflugh
25 July 1986
S/Sgt Thomas W. Aldrich
01 Feb 2003
Cpl Victor F. Hollister
11 October 2006- Misson British Columbia

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Source: Jerry Pflugh, Son of Theodore Pflugh; 39th BG database
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