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The following men were part of the 90th Service Group's 507th Air Materials Squadron. The men provided service for all 4 of the bomb groups stationed on North Field. As there is very little information about Service Groups on the internet these men are honored on this site for their endless efforts in making the combat of missions of the 39th Bomb Group as well as 19th, 29th and the 330th BG missions successful.
Revised: 3 April, 2006
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Sgt Neal Allen – QM Supply Tech

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S/Sgt Richard K. Baird – MOS: 581
Pfc Edward J. Bark – Clerk, Typist
Capt Leslie H. Beaver MOS: 4902
Capt Richard G. Bennett MOS: 4902
S/Sgt Louis A. Bien – QM Supply Tech
Pfc William Boilini – Supply Clerk
Pvt Melvin J. Burkins – Laborer

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Pfc Gilbert J. Cerby – Supply Clerk
Pfc Harry A. Cohan – Clerk, General
Pvt George L. Cotto – Laborer

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Pvt Walter F. De Garmo – Laborer
Sgt Edward L. Dee – AAF Supply Tech
Pvt Louis B. Desiano – Supply Clerk
Pvt Carl R. Ditzler – Laborer
Cpl Arthur T. Dollaghan
Sgt Charles W. Draper - Cook
Pfc Marvin W. Dye – Supply Clerk

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Pvt Vito Fashoda – Carpenter, General
Pfc Henry Fedorowicz – Supply Clerk
Pfc Frank J. Flinn – Supply Clerk

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Pfc Joseph P. Glasser – Supply Clerk
Pfc Anthony F. Gicippio – Clerk, Typist
Cpl Richard H. Giffin – Supply Clerk
Cpl Rodger D. Gregory – Special Vehicle Op
Pvt Verley J. Grogen – Laborer
Pfc Arnold M. Groskalus – Laborer

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Pfc William Hafner – Laborer
Cpl Oscar M. Howard – Meat Cutter
Pvt Raymond O. Huset – Supply Clerk
Pvt Thomas C. Hutchison – Laborer

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Cpl Floyd Jeffers – Supply Clerk
Cpl Jerome E. Johnson – Mech: Airplane & Eng
Pvt Raymond I. Jones – Supply Clerk
Cpl James Woods – Supply Clerk

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Cpl Earl M. Kelley – Supply Clerk
M/Sgt John L. Kernehan – Medical Supply NCO
Pfc Martin H. Kretschmar – Supply Clerk

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Pvt Richard D. Lane – Laborer
Pvt Frank F. Lo Proto – Supply Clerk

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Pfc Joseph Maressa – Supply Clerk
Pfc Herbert E. May – Mech: Airplane & Eng
Sgt Daniel L. Metzger, Jr. – Admin NCO
Cpl John L. Michalowski - Mech: Airplane & Eng
Cpl Francis J. Monaghan MOS: 815
Pfc Joe N. Montgomery – Supply Clerk

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Sgt Jack F. Newell – AAF Supply Tech
CWO Edward S. Notzon (USN) MOS: 4400

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Pfc William Regan – Laborer
1st Lt Joseph P. Richardson MOS: 4419

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Sgt Leland W. Schawo – QM Supply Tech
S/Sgt Doyle B. Sewell – Supply Clerk
Pvt Anthony Sicari – Supply Clerk
Cpl Floyd B. Smith – Supply Clerk
Pfc John F. Sosenko – Supply Clerk
S/Sgt William C. Struthers MOS: 581
Pfc Willard E. Sweitzer – Supply Clerk

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Pvt John A. Thompson – Supply Clerk
Pfc Nunzio T. Tomasello – Supply Clerk

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Pfc Joseph E. Valentovic – Supply Clerk

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Cpl Carl E. Wasson – Clerk, Typist

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Cpl Harold C. Young – Supply Clerk

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03 April 2006: Added names per SO-81 dated 21 April 1945

Source: SO 81 dated 21 April 1945
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