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Sgt William L. Wood
CFC Gunner

Entered the Service from: Michigan
Died: April 28, 1945
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial
Honolulu, Hawaii

William L. Wood was from Wayne County, Michigan. (1)

He was married to Josephine W. Wood.(2)

Josephine gave birth to Lee William Wood, 3 months after Sgt Wood's was reported missing.

Sept 21, 2011 - We received an email from Lee Wood. With corrected information regarding his mother. Josephine M. Wood. She later remarried becoming Josephine M. Buchanan. He also identified his father's position in the crew photo.

Feb. 25, 2009 - the Association received an email from a Colorado school teacher Bruce Scheel trying to determine if this William L. Wood received the Purple Heart and an might at one time have family who lived in Colorado. One of the staff at his school found a Purple Heart case with Medal, Ribbon and Dress Ribbon in it. It is inscribed with "William L. Wood" on the reverse and has a card in the case from the Dept of the Army that says "Its an honor for me to forward this decoration" signed by Kenneth C. Royall, Secretary of the Army.

Follow Up - Bruce Scheel emailed and said a family member was found. Lee William Wood, the surviving sole son of Sgt Wood. (See Sept 9, 2011 note abv)

Historian's review: An internet seach found that Kenneth C. Royall was Secretary of the Army 1947-49. There was another William L. Wood who died in the Vietnam War awarded the Purple Heart - he was lost 26 Jan 1970 21yrs past when Royall was Sec of the Army and forward the Purple Heart found.

Webmaster's note: MACR's are copied from mircofiche cards as such they have varying degrees of legibilty. Which is why the name of Sgt Wood's next of kin looks to read as "Josephine B. Wood"

(1) World War II: 1941/46 HONOR LIST US Army Dead & Missing Wayne County, State Of Michigan
(2) MACR 14333 listed as Next of Kin (wife)

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