39th Bomb Group (VH)

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"City of Allendale"
"Old Eighty One"
B-29 # 44-69981
Crew Photos 2 3 4 5

B29 # 44-69981 (P-19) in the air with P-7
and other B-29s from the 39th BG (Square P)
Photo Source: Richard Curry, TG

Standing L to R:
S/Sgt Robert Elben  Right Gunner
1st Lt Walter Meyers  Navigator
F/O John H. Day Bombardier
Capt Thomas Wren (Until 06/22/1945)* Airplane Commander
F/O Kirby F. Cole  Pilot
1st Lt Camdon Floyd  Radar Observer
Kneeling L to R:
S/Sgt Richard Levin  Left Gunner
F/O Ernest Jones  Flight Engineer
S/Sgt Jackson Merrit  Radio Operator
T/Sgt John R. Thompson  CFC Gunner
S/Sgt Richard G. Curry Tail Gunner

*1st Lt Richard E. Previdi replaced Capt. Wren After 06/22/1945 as Airplane Commander

 Crew 19 
Honor Roll 
S/Sgt Jackson O. Merritt, Jr.
Radio Operator
November 1967
1st Lt Richard E. Previdi
Airplane Commander
(after 06/22/45)
August 1982
1st Lt Camdon Floyd
Radar Observer
29 October 1997
F/O Kirby F. Cole
23 June 1999
F/O Ernest S. Jones
Flight Engineer
13 April 2000
F/O John H. Day
5 March 2005
S/Sgt Robert C. Eblen
Right Gunner
4 July 2005
T/Sgt John R. Thompson
CFC Gunner
12 April 2007
S/Sgt Richard G. Curry
Tail Gunner
5 Aug 2008


November 2008 - Added Curry to Crew Honor Roll - Thank you to Mr. Jack Cicco for notifying us. The status of Thomas Wren, Walter Meyers and Richard Levin are unknown - Curry was the only veteran contact for this crew.

October 2007 - Added Thompson to Crew Honor Roll.

February 2006 - Added crew photo to section on Crew History page; thanks to Lana Clark for identifying who is in the photo; Made contact with the widow of Ernest S. Jones, she verified the Ernest S. Jones found on the SSDI is indeed the same person who was part of Crew 19; Added Richard E. Previdi to Crew Honor Roll based on SSDI and WWII Enlistment Record comparison; found and made contact with John R. Thompson, CFC Gunner.

January 2006 - Added F/O John H. Day, to Crew Honor Roll; Made contact with the widow of Robert C. Eblen and verified his passing.

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Sources: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Richard Curry