39th Bomb Group (VH)
Crew 4

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Ground Crew
"City of Eagle Rock"

"Lord's Prayer"
B-29 # 44-69914

B-29 # 44-69914 "City of Eagle Rock" (aka "Lord's Prayer") being loaded with rations

It is unknown if any of the men unloading rations are those listed below. The ground crew was identified by the names listed on the nose wheel well cover then compared to the names & rank of those listed on the 60th BS Roster dated Oct 1945.

If you are able to identify any of these men please email:

M/Sgt Don C. Page III Crew Chief
Cpl Dan C. McMillan Mechanic
Cpl William F. Brown Mechanic
Cpl Michael A. De Corte Mechanic
Cpl Thomas F. Free Mechanic
Pfc John T. Gardner Mechanic

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Photo Source: Steve Pace, Information Source: 39th BGA Records