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S/Sgt Charles Orf
Crew Chief

Charles Orf on
Guam 1945

Charles went to work for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company in 1950. Most of his time was spent in Final Assembly as supervisor directing mechanics, electricians and sheet metal assemblers in building fighter aircraft. In the late Fifties this involved "One O Ones", and thousands of F-4 Phantoms. In the Sixties and Seventies it was the F-15's and F-18's in the last eight years of his career Harriers.

The most famous he worked on was Capsule # 6 of the Mercury Program. Orf directed the men during the final assembly of this Capsule. Number 6 became the first space capsule to carry a man. This was the one that Alan Shepard rode 5,000 miles down the range! Charles retired in 1982 after 32 years

Charles and Dorothy Orf
Charles Orf and S/Sgt Bill Taylor

P-01 Ground Crew
Charles Orf in his Big Bird
Charles Orf Collection, Courtesy of Don Montague

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Charles Orf, Don Montague
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