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B-29 Stamp Project


A B-29 stamp has been included in US Postal Service's "American Advances In Aviation" Collection Series. The stamps will be available Monday or Tuesday (August 1 or 2, 2005).

Here is enlargement of the B-29's tail from the stamp:

From the Red tip on the tail and the Black horizontal stripe across the vertical stablizer - according to Frank Ferrell who was a gunner in Korea, its probably 93rd Squadron,19th BG (Korea).

How can you help?

Contact your Senators and Representatives, tell them you wish you have to have a stamp issued dedicated to the B-29 Superfortress.

The B-29 Superfortress was more than just the aircraft that dropped the Atomic Bomb. The 39th Bomb Group flew 48 missions between 12 April - 15 August 1945; how about the other 19 other B-29 Bombardment Groups and their group's missions?

The 20th Air Force Association Fall 2002 Newsletter states the following:
In 1994-95, the Smithsonian was preparing an Enola Gay exhibit that would castigate the United States for dropping two Atomic Bombs on Japan, thereby promoting the idea that Japan was just a poor, helpless victim. Those who still had your wits about you wouldn’t stand still for that foolishness and, without being asked, initiafed one of the most effective letter writing campaigns Congress has ever received. Congress started after the Smithsonian, which looked at its hole-card, saw that it clearly had a losing-hand, and folded. Today, you guys need to get off Top Dead Center and go after Congress—courteously but firmly--because the U.S. Government’s Stamp Committee (a political creatue) needs enlightenment. You can either sit on your hands or pick up your pen (or whatever) and write your Congressional representatives. But before doing so, go
to your local Post Office and look at various denominations of stamps being offered for public use. Some dandies, for example, a series of five 37-cent stamps depicting unidentified early-American mechanical devices (fire engine, taxi, steam engine, mail truck). Why should the U.S. Government commemorate such devices without having commemorated the airplane which prompted the end of World War II in the Pacific, thereby freeing hundreds of millions of Asian peoples from the heel of the Japanese Army—people without hope of ever being free. And don’t let up on your Congressional delegation. They may not care two cents about your love for an old airplane (B-29), but they count votes, and if enough of us get on Congress’ back and keep pounding away—as we did with Enola Gay—Congress will make its wishes known to the Stamp Committee. And we will have our B-29 stamp. The process is slow, we are old, and time is critical so everyone’s help is needed. This may be the last public service B-29 veterans can render this great country, and only we will know whether we have fulfilled that duty.

The 20th Air Force Association's 1st Vice President, Tom Schoolcraft is lead on this project for their Association. He can be contacted at:

2000 Single Oak Rd
Seguin, TX 78155
Tel: (210) 658-4744

Unsure what to say when contacting your Senator or Representative? Take a look at "Talking Points For The B-29 Stamp" furnished by Tom Schoolcraft.
To find out who your Senator and Representatives are visit this site: - you can search by zip code.
Click here to see the Classic American Aircraft Stamp Collection (CSAC have approved these in the past - why not a B-29 Stamp?
Show your support contact the following individuals and
let then know you want a B-29 Stamp


Mr. Michael R. Brock (Susan)
Michael Brock Design
8075 West 3rd Street, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90048-4318
Work: (323) 932-0283
Fax: (323) 923-8165

Meredith J. Davis, Professor
Department of Graphic Design
North Carolina State University
Post Office Box 7701
Raleigh, NC 27695-7701
Work: (919) 515-8228 or 8326
Fax: (919) 515-7330
(Home: 1919 Sunset Drive, Raleigh, NC 27608-2453)

Mr. David Eynon (De)
822 Morton Road
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-3339
Home: (610) 525-0516
Fax: (610) 526-0735

Mrs. Sylvia Harris (Gary Singer)
323 Sterling Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238-4403
Work: (718) 783-5425
Fax: (718) 783-5485

Mr. I. Michael Heyman (Therese)
1014 Cragmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708-1412
Work: (510) 642-1731
Fax: (510) 528-1154

Mr. John M. Hotchner (Nanette)
Post Office Box 1125
Falls Church, VA 22041-0125
Work: (202) 663-2427
Fax: (703) 820-7054

Dr. C. Douglas Lewis
National Gallery of Art
Washington D.C. 20565-0001
Work: (202) 842-6097
Fax: (202) 842-6933

Mr. Karl Maiden (Mona)
1845 Mandeville Canyon Road
Los Angeles, CA 90049-2222
Academy: (310) 247-3000 (Cheryl, ext. 103)
Fax: (310) 859-9351 (at Academy)

Dr. Philip B. Meggs (Libby)
10211 Windbluff Drive
Richmond, VA 23233-3822
Fax: (804) 828-6930

Dr. Virginia M. Noelke (Walter) - Chairwoman
Angelo State University
San Angelo, TX 76909-5072
Work: (915) 942-2113
Fax: (915) 942-2057

Mr. Richard F. Phelps
122 Peashway Street
South Bend, IN 46617-1216
Fax: (219) 288-5023

Mr. Ronald A. Robinson
Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods
Little Rock, AR 72201-3531
Work: (501) 975-6251
Fax: (501) 666-1915 (Home)
Home Address: 3404 Cedar Hill Road, Apt 7, Little Rock, AR 72202-1913

Mr. John Sawyer III (Barbara)
618-A South Laflin Court
Chicago, IL 60607-3160
Work: (312) 432-1827
Fax: (312) 432-1828

Postmaster General John E. Potter
475  L 'Enfant Plaza S.W.
Washington D.C. 20260-0010

To view the PDF file of the information we received from the 20th Air Force Association and the CSAC members mailing list click here
Note: you will need Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file, if don't have this program it can be downloaded for free by clicking here