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To better search the 39th Bomb Group Web Site you may want to us this advanced search. For best results use the "Exact Phrase".

  • Say you are searching for an aircraft by name: City of Roswell. If you use City of Roswell without quotes (" ") the site search results will list ALL of the pages where the word "city"; the word "of" and the word "Roswell" appears. This could be as many as 555 items depending on what you are searching for. Use "City of Roswell" in "quotes" and this will greatly narrow the search results. The same can be obtained by using the Exact Phrase option.
  • Searching for a crew or aircraft by using the B-29s serial number: If you search for B-29 42-65364 - the search results will have every mention of B-29 in it. Once again use quotes (" ") or the exact phase option if using the advanced search feature. "42-65364" or try using the last 4 digits of the B-29 serial number "5364" this should help narrow the search.
  • When searching for a specific crew, enter your request in the following manner:
    , P1 or P-01 or Crew 1 and again use " " quotes for a more specific search.
  • When searching for a veteran of the 39th Bomb Group try using their Last Name or if it is a common last name enter First Name Last Name then choose the exact phrase option for example "John Smith", in simple search feature using (" ") quotes is the same as exact phrase option. In some cases it is possible to search by by entering their ASN (Army Serial Number). If you are going to search using rank they are listed as follows: Col, Lt Col, Major, Capt, 1st Lt, 2nd Lt, F/O, M/Sgt, T/Sgt, S/Sgt, Sgt, Cpl, Corp, Pfc, Pvt . The proper format for a search would be "Pfc John Smith" or Pfc John Smith and choose the exact phrase option.
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