39th Bomb Group (VH)
Nose Art

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If anyone knows what Bomb Wing and/or Bomb Group crews were assigned these aircraft, please email the and let me know so I can add it to the captions and give the proper credit to the crews that flew and maintained these beauties .

The following Nose Art was submitted by Robert Bettinson, Cpl 39th BG (VH)

Double Pleasure
Under Exposed
Double Exposure
3rd Photo Recon Squadron
Under Exposed
3rd Photo Recon Squadron
17 March 2002 - "Double Exposure"
and "Under Exposed" were flown out of Guam's Depot Field (or Harmon Field) in 1945. Lester F. Langhans, Jr. of Ft Myers, Florida few these planes as Co-Pilot, Lt. Harold Grinde was Aircraft Commander. You may email Lester at

"Quan Cha Yin Ara" Posion Ivy
"Quan Cha Yin Ara"
3rd P
Poison Ivy - 3rd Photo
Recon  Squadron
24 March 2002 - "Quan Cha Yin Ara"
was flown by Willis Rohling from Guam's Depot Field (Harmon Field) toward the end of the war. Willis Rohling currently lives in the San Francisco area. This update comes from Rohling's son Jeff, you may email him

Pom Pom Tokyo Trolley II
Pom Pom
315th BW
Tokyo Trolley II
313th BW 6th BG
10 Knights in a Bar Heavenly Body
Ten Knights in a Bar Room Heavenly Body
498th BG

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