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(Pacific Version)

It's the month before Christmas and all through the service,
Not a damn man is stirring and we're all getting nervous.
Great plans and new systems are developed each day,
Releasing three, and making two million stay.

For Geargie, the Marshall and his Nautical Mate,
are defending Pearl Harbor just four years too late.
Our dear little Richie is no longer lonely,
For his Pineapple Pentagon has standing room only.

MacArthur, the mighty, grew purple with wrath,
Screamed he, "General R., they're moving too fast.
There must be some way to make them stay."
Some God with stars took their shipping away.

For awhile public interest was getting too loud,
So the powers took action to quiet the crowd.
Said a General (then a Col.) "Why, what would be finer,
than to start a tiny rebellion in China."

Of course they have reason to keep us all here,
For as long as we stay they won't have to fear,
that they'll lose one or two of their so precious stars:
or their eagles and oak leaves and revert to gold bars.

Now Joe Doakes, the welder is filled with delight;
For Joe is twenty-sit and too old to fight.
Thus to draft this old man would be such a crime,
So he marches all day in a long picket line.

Our Tony Pazoota has jumped on a plane,
(Tony plays football and has a big name)
But poor Brown, the private, will just have to wait,
He's only a father and can't draw a gate.

For all good officers who polish, their bars,
Santa's not wearing whiskers, but three silver stars.
And recruiters are screaming, "Lets join in the fight!"
And to all who listen say, "Barnum was right!!!"

A Pacific Version of "Christmas Carol 1945"
(The Night Before Christmas Revisited)
Thanks to Sgt Peter Ciucci (mechanic, P-31)

Christmas Menu 1945
Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"
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