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Front Row L to R:
Sgt Alver E. Inge, Pfc Paul V. Harris, Cpl Albert D. Angulo, Pfcs Lenoard T. Smolenski, Luis Esparza, John P. Pelloulo, Cpl Lotis E. Sanford, Sgt Wright and Sgt Victor L. Warfe.
Middle Row L to R:
Pfc Floyd T. Holsmoback, Cpl Edward A. Cabeen, Cpls Yale R. Morgan, Cavallo, Sgt Frederick J. Ulmer, S/Sgt Paul F. Flanagan, Cpls Lewis E. Thompson, Frank P. Peterson, T/Sgt Cecil Muniain, and Cpl Donald E. Wheeler.
Standing L to R:
1st Lt Ray F. Basore, Pfc Albert H. Van Voorhis, Cpl William E. Allen, Pfcs Earl S. Kaye, Oscar E. Smith, Sgts Andrew W. Ross, Anthony Z. Lanzillo, Cpls Leo F. Grastorf, Melvin F. Kapelanczky, Cpl Joseph T. Riboli, Cpl Francis X. Hauer and Sgt Cletus B. Dockendorf.

60th Squadron
Ordnance Section
Honor Roll
1st Lt Ray Finley Bascore
Ordnance Officer 60th BS
7 September 1995
Sgt Victor L. Warfe
Ordnance 60th BS
20 March 2004 (SSDI)

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group" ; various orders; family contacts
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