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Operations Personnel
Photo Courtesy of Cpl Thomas P. Nantais
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Kneeling L to R:
Cpl O'Neil; S/Sgt Edward L. Landshof; Cpl George R. Schonmeyer; Sgt Thomas P. Nantais, Clerk; Cpl Emmet B. Schutes, Sgt Hubert J. Louque, Clerk; Sgt R. DeBrabander; Cpl Richards
2nd Row L to R:
1st Lt Richard D. Volp; 1st Lt John B. Koelle; Sgt James E. Keelor; S/Sgt Harold Knapp, Admin NCO; S/Sgt James McGathy, Admin, NCO; Pfc Don Keena; M/Sgt William R. Taylor, Admin NCO; Cpl Thomas R. Van Fleet; Sgt Edwin E. Buller, Clerk; Sgt Du Edwin Neel; Sgt James E. Lordeman Jr., Clerk and T/Sgt John Boschee.
3rd Row L to R:
Capt John H. Lindenmeyer, Sqd Nav; 1st Lt Donald C. Schaffer, Aerial Gunnery Instructor; 1st Lt Herbert C. Leland, Radar Ob RCM; Capt Steven W. Sulovsky, Sqd Bmbrd; Capt Roy Jackman, Grp Nav
Back Row L to R:
Capt Tony Quesada, 1st Lt Richard D. Bednar, Capt Paul Arbon; Major Harris N. Bell; Major Roger Howard; Lt Col James H. Thompson; Major James S. Howard; Capt Curnel S. Williamson III, Aerial Gunnery Offcr; 1st Lt Smith, Capt Taylor; Capt Nicholson and Capt Jackson C. Brownson, Weather Observer

Operations Honor Roll
Pfc Donald M. Keena
27 Dec 2006
Sgt James E. Lordeman Jr.
30 Sept 2014

Thomas P. Nantais also provided the names of that were missing in addition to correcting some errors in identifying of individuals.
If you can provide any additonal information about this section and/or these men, please email: updates@39th.org

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; various orders; T.P. Nantais, 62nd BS
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