39th Bomb Group (VH)


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Silver Crew
B-29# 42-63382

1st Lt Glen H. Silver Airplane Commander
2nd Lt Pliny G. Saeger Pilot
2nd Lt Joseph Georgeoff Navigator
S/Sgt Alfred G. Booker Flight Engineer
Pfc Herbert Zwillinger Radio Operator
Cpl Slyvester Cancellieri Gunner
Cpl Larry Muss Gunner

Honor Roll 
1st Lt Glen Harold Silver
Airplane Commander
10 February 1945
2nd Lt Pling Saeger
10 February 1945
2nd Lt Joseph Georgeoff
10 February 1945
S/Sgt Alfred G. Booker
Flight Engineer
10 February 1945
Pfc Herbert Zwillinger
Radio Operator
10 February 1945
Cpl Larry Muss
10 February 1945
Cpl Slyvester Cancellieri
10 February 1945

In a letter from Headquarters, Smoky Hill Army Air Field, Salina, KS dated 11 April 1945 to the Commanding General, Army Air Forces, Washington, D.C. - Chief, Notification Branch, Personnel Affairs Division it states:

"First Lieutentant Glen H. Silver, 0-737876, was the pilot of B-29# 42-63382, which crashed two miles southwest of Batista Field, Cuba on 10 February 1945, while on a routine cross-country training mission. Lt Silver had received take-off clearance from the control tower and taxied into take-off position. All engines were functioning normally and actual take-off was normal with aircraft under full control.  At an altitude of approximately two hundred (200) feet, the left wing dipped slightly and seconds later the aircraft plunged into the groud and burst into flames followed by an immediate explosion.

Cause of the accident as deterimed by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board was a power stall with the left wing low, immediately after take-off, resulting in a power dive and headlong impact into the ground."

The letter was in response to a letter sent to Lt. General Barney M. Giles, Deputy Commander Army Air Forces, Washington DC from the parents of 1st Lt Glen Silver and their hope for more details regarding the accident which caused their son's death.

Its assumed that the positions of Bombardier, Radar Observer, CFC Gunner and the other Gunner were vacant at the time of the crash as the crew list that was part of the Missing Air Crew Report listed only the 7 men listed above. The names of Silver, Saeger, Georgeoff, Booker and Zwillinger (members of the 62nd BS) were found on 39th BG (VH) movement orders to Batista Field, Cuba (SO-12, HQ SHAAF 12 Jan 45). The names of Cancelleri and Muss were found on movement orders (SO-15, HQ SHAAF 15 Jan 45) as members of the 61st BS.

The MACR regarding this crew is 15308. It contains 5 pages:

Cover Sheet
Letter from Notification Branch Personal Affairs Branch (requesting information to answer parents request)
Parents Letter to AAF
Letter from HQ Smoky Hill AAF providing info
Crew List

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Sources: MACR 15308; SO 12 & SO-15 SHAAF Jan 1945