39th Bomb Group (VH)

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Robson Crew

Courtesy of Frank G. Cowherd, Jr., Left Gunner

Standing L to R:
2nd Lt James E. Harris Bombardier
F/O John A. Wigren, Jr. Pilot
1st Lt Brian P. Robson Airplane Commander
2nd Lt Jesse W. Gern Navigator
2nd Lt Roy L. Maddox, Jr. Radar Observer
2nd Lt Alfred J. Stone Flight Engineer
Kneeling L to R:
Sgt Harry D. Schogren Radio Operator
Sgt Robert L. Middleton CFC Gunner
Cpl Jack Parker Tail Gunner
Sgt Frank G. Cowherd, Jr. Left Gunner
Cpl Carroll L. Snyder Right Gunner

Robson Crew
Honor Roll 
1st Lt Brian P. Robson
Airplane Commander
24 July 1990

Per SO 186, par #14 HQ 314th BW dated 8 August 1945 this crew is listed as being transferred from the 62nd Bomb Sq, 39th Bomb Group (VH) to the 29th Bomb Group (VH) EDCMR (Effective Date of Change on Morning Report: 10 Aug 1945.

Note: This is the above is the first mention of this crew that has been noted as being in the 39th BG.


25 March 2006: "My arrival on Guam was July 24, 1945. My departure was November 7, 1945. My arrival in the US was November 25, 1945. The only combat missions I made was with the 29th BG - Kumagaya (14/15 Aug) and a "show of strength" over Tokyo." -
Frank G. Cowherd, Jr., Left Gunner

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Sources:SO 186 HQ 314th BW 8 August 1945