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Mrs. Clarice Lovelace's Letter to
Mrs. Phillip Lovelace

The following letter was written by Mrs. Clarice Lovelace (wife) to Mrs. Phillip Markowitz (Mother) regarding the status and loss of Lovelace's husband and Markowitz's son.

M/Sgt Clare Lovelace, Flight Engineer
Sgt Charles Markowitz, Tail Gunner
The letters are courtesy of Joel Markowitz, brother

October 2, 1945

Dear Mrs. Markowitz,

Your letter came yesterday, and I should be one of the happiest and most willing persons on this earth to write you some good news, but there has been no news at all for quite some time.

There should have been a letter from the adjutant general’s office this week whether the situation had changed or not, as it has now been three months since we received the wires which reported the boys missing.

I read in the newspaper the other day that a thorough search is being made thruout the area where any servicemen may be found. This search will take approximately thirty days. Maybe at the end of that time there will be some official news from Washington.

Needless to say, I was very fond of Charlie, the three of us had many a merry time especially when he was here Christmas. My folks were delighted, for Charlie’s being here was a compensation for my younger brother who was overseas.

I only wish there was something I could say or do that would help.

I shall pass on to you any information received.

God willing the boys will be home again.

Clarice Lovelace

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Source: Joel Markowitz, Brother of Sgt Charles Markowitz