39th Bomb Group (VH)

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Porter Crew

Major Clarence W. Porter Airplane Commander
2nd Lt Joseph N. Hart Pilot
2nd Lt James B. Wayman Navigator
F/O Lyston T. Lusby Bombardier
2nd Lt Oliver H. Ochsner Radar Observer
2nd Lt John H. Hinds* Flight Engineer
S/Sgt Efford C. Deats Radio Operator
Sgt Carl N. Krall CFC Gunner
Sgt Henry L. Mullane Right Gunner
Sgt Robert T. Kreuzer Left Gunner
Cpl Alfonso Russo Tail Gunner
* 61st BS EM Roster lists "John R. Hinds"

Honor Roll
S/Sgt Efford C. Deats
Radio Operator
18 June 1966

Per SO 195, HQ Davis Monthan AAF dated 14 July 1945 this crew was transferred to Topeka AAF on 17 July 1945 (or no later than 1200 19 July 1945).

This men of this crew appear on the 61st Officer's & EM Roster dated Sept 1945.

With SO 195 this is the first mention of these men formed as a crew, its unknown what missions if any they flew.

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Sources:SO 195 HQ DMAAF 14 July 1945